Pregnant Cardi B's Golf Cart Nearly Tips Over in Frightening Video at Music Festival

Cardi B had a close call when her golf cart almost tipped over this weekend

Cardi B had a close call when her golf cart almost tipped over this weekend.

While giving her last performance before giving birth at Washington D.C.’s Broccoli City Festival — which both the pregnant 25-year-old and her fiancé Offset were headlining — Cardi almost took a tumble out of her golf cart when the front wheels of the vehicle suddenly lifted off the ground.

According to TMZ, which shared a video of what happened, the tipping occurred after somebody jumped onto the back of the vehicle.

Luckily, there were plenty of security guards standing right beside the vehicle, and after they ensured the vehicle would be able to continue driving safely, Cardi was on her way.

During her performance, Cardi — who was rocking long purple hair, pointed hot pink nails and a Princess Diana t-shirt over cut-off jean shorts and thigh-high jean boots — discussed how the D.C. show would be her final one before welcoming her child.

“This is my last performance I’m about to turn up,” she told the crowd.

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Despite saying she had low energy — “I’m not even gon’ lie, y’all, I’m on 10 percent” — Cardi delivered a crowd-pleasing performance that had many people in the audience rapping along word-for-word to songs from her debut album Invasion of Privacy, especially when she ended the set with her record-breaking single “Bodak Yellow.”

Earlier in the week, Cardi announced she was canceling several upcoming shows in order to concentrate on her pregnancy.

“Because you know, shorty keep growing and I be looking like I be moving and everything, but in reality, a bitch can barely breathe,” she said in an Instagram video published on Wednesday.

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While catching her breath later in the video, she joked, “I can barely breathe right now. I’ve ate like six chicken wings, and I can barely breathe now.”

During the set, the expectant rapper also gave her growing baby a shout-out, changing up some of the lyrics in “Bartier Cardi” to be “Cardi got pregnant by Offset.”

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Cardi also alluded to her alleged beef with Nicki Minaj, hinting that she would be back with a vengeance after welcoming her child.

“Wait until I drop this baby!” she exclaimed.

Cardi recently confirmed she’s due in July and revealed that she and Offset already know the sex of their baby (which many fans believe is a girl!).

  • Reporting by JANINE RUBENSTEIN
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