Kanye's Kardashian fan club, Pusha T's controversial Drake moment and SZA's emotional Mac Miller tribute—here are the biggest Camp Flog Gnaw moments

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2018 Camp Flog Gnaw
Credit: Courtesy of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Tyler, the Creator’s annual music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw, hit Los Angeles over the weekend for the seventh year in a row. This year’s carnival took place at Dodger Stadium for the first time, and was a two-day event full of music, food and of course — rides.

Kendall Jenner and sisters Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian were among the celebrities who came out to support Tyler’s festival.

Some of the city’s best eats were on site to feed the attendees, from actor Danny Trejo’s L.A. staple, Trejo’s Tacos, to Fat Dragon Chinese food.

From Kanye’s Kardashian fan club to Pusha T’s controversial Drake moment and SZA’s emotional tribute to Mac Miller, here are the biggest moments you may have missed.

Pusha T

Pusha T started his set with a performance of “If You Know You Know,” which had a huge crowd running to his stage. The Daytona artist then went straight into “The Games We Play” and interacted with the crowd.

Pusha, 41, made headlines earlier this year for reigniting his feud with Drake, 31, by putting out a diss track “The Story Of Adidon” in which he claimed the Toronto rapper fathered an illegitimate child. The rapper seemingly kept the drama going this weekend when he took the stage on Day 1 of the festival and “F— Drake” appeared on the screen behind him. The controversial move had the crowd going crazy and people on the internet sharing their reactions. Later that night, Pusha denied his involvement in it on Twitter by blaming a “tech” guy, writing: “Corny ass tech dude f—ed with my screens at @CampFlogGnaw, I speak for myself and all of you know how I make my statements!! Dissing anybody on screen isn’t part of my show… Otherwise great festival, thanx @tylerthecreator for having me out.”

During his set, the rapper and record executive hyped up the crowd and promoted his newest album by saying, “I wanna welcome you to the Daytona experience. When I say Daytona I’m talking about the Album of the Year.” After a performance of “Hard Piano” that had the crowd going wild, he shouted out the Camp Flog Gnaw carnival by saying, “Let’s be clear. Tyler [the Creator]’s got the hottest festival in the United States.”

Pusha performed an array of hits from “F.I.F.A.” and “Runaway,” to “Come Back Baby,” which had everyone in the crowd singing. The rapper also got his fans excited with “Grindin’,” a hit from his Clipse days (a hip hop duo formed by Pusha and his brother No Malice).

Tyler, the Creator was seen in the crowd enjoying the Pusha’s set as he performed “What Would Meek Do.”

The rapper sent love to his label and fellow GOOD Music artists Kanye West and Kid Cudi with a performance of “Feel the Love,” a Kids See Ghost song that Pusha is featured on.

“When I say GOOD y’all say ‘music,’” Pusha shouted to the crowd as everyone cheered.

“L.A. I love y’all so much. I don’t do fans, I do family,” the Virginia-raised rapper told the crowd before performing West’s remix of “I Don’t Like” and leaving the stage.


Headlining and closing out Day 1 of the festival was singer and songwriter SZA, who released her long-awaited debut studio album CTRL in June 2017.

The “Go Gina” singer, 28, wearing a navy blue jumpsuit, blew the Camp Flog Gnaw crowd away with her voice, incredible stage presence and cool visuals. SZA performed “Supermodel,” “Broken Clocks” and “Go Gina.”

While performing her hit “Drew Barrymore,” the artist had visuals of the actress in various films playing on the screen behind her.

The energy in the crowd was electric as everyone sang along to her hit song, “Love Galore.” SZA serenaded her fans with a performance of “Doves in the Wind,” danced around while singing “Wavy” and performed “Garden” and “The Weekend.”

“I love Mac Miller. I miss the f— out of him,” SZA told the crowd about her good friend. Miller died at age 26 on Sept. 7 after an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol.

The artist got emotional while singing “20 Something,” and had to wipe away tears as she remembered the late rapper.

SZA also confirmed new music to the crowd. Said the star: “A new album is definitely happening.”

“Thank you, my birthday was alright,” the singer, who turned 28 on Nov. 8, responded to a fan up front. “I appreciate that. It was actually my first birthday that I didn’t hate. It was genuinely beautiful.”

The artist was having a great time on stage dancing around while performing her best hits, including “All The Stars,” which was released in 2018 as the lead single to the soundtrack album of Black Panther.

“I also wanted to say that I love Tyler [the Creator] so much,” she told the crowd. The singer thanked the members of her band and Tyler for having her in the show. “Thank you everybody, God bless you, good night!” she said before leaving the stage.

Kids See Ghosts (Kanye West & Kid Cudi)

Kids See Ghosts, the hip-hop duo composed of Kanye West and Kid Cudi headlined Day 2 of the festival and brought out the largest crowd of the entire weekend. The duo, who released their debut album Kids See Ghosts on June 8, took the stage for the second-ever live performance as Kids See Ghosts.

West, 41, who debuted a new pink hair color, and Cudi, 34, entered their set in a huge, rectangular glass box that was suspended in air above the stage. Besides performing the full Kids See Ghosts album, the duo also played an array of their own individual songs.

The pair started with Kanye’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1,” and told the crowd they’re “just getting started.”

Fans were blessed with the entire Kids See Ghosts album from “Feel the Love,” “Fire,” and “4th Dimension,” to “Freeee,” which had everyone in the audience singing along. “Tyler [the Creator] I love you, I love you,” the Yeezus rapper shared.

As the duo performed “Kids See Ghosts,” West showed off some of his dance moves, which was met with cheering from the crowd.

Kanye West
| Credit: Camp Flog Gnaw

“This next one, they say I have to do,” Cudi told the crowd. “I need everyone to sing along with this one, it means so much to me,” he shared with the crowd as he and West performed “Pursuit of Happiness.”

“I guess it’s only right I do my favorite song too then,” Kanye told fans as he kicked off “Ghost Town” from his 2018 Ye album.

West’s wife Kim Kardashian West and his sisters-in-law Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall, who won big earlier in the night at the E! People’s Choice Awards, were later spotted close to the stage singing along to the rapper’s hits and enjoying themselves. They even took to Instagram stories to share videos from the set.

“God bless. I love you mother f—ers,” Kanye declared as Kids See Ghosts left the stage.

Lorde later called out West and Kid Cudi, claiming the rappers ripped off her stage design.

Sharing several photos to her Instagram Stories on Monday, the pop star, 22, compared her own floating glass box stage to the one that West and Cudi used on Sunday night.

“I’m proud of the work I do and it’s flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves,” Lorde captioned a photo from her March concert featuring the suspended stage from her 2017-2018 Melodrama tour and her April 2017 Coachella performance.

“But don’t steal — not from women or anyone else — not in 2018 or ever,” she demanded.

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Post Malone had the crowd going wild on Day 2 of the epic music festival by signing hits from “Too Young” and “No Option.”

“What is up L.A.? How y’all feelin’ tonight?” the rapper, 23, asked the crowd at the start of his set. “My name is Austin Richard Post and I appreciate you coming out and rocking with me.”

“This next song is about a breakup,” Malone explained before singing “Over Now.” The singer thanked the crowd after every song and seemed truly grateful for all of the support.

“This next song is also about a breakup, I guess, it’s called ‘Better Now’,” the hitmaker revealed.

“You guys kick ass, thank you so much. Cheers,” he said as he toasted the crowd and drank from a red solo cup.

The songwriter continued his set with a variety of crowd-pleasers like “Psycho” and “Paranoid.”

“Shout out to Tyler [the Creator] real quick,” Malone yelled to the crowd. “I guess this song is also about a breakup. This song is called ‘I Fall Apart,'” he continued.

“This is the part of the show that I always f— up. A least a little bit. If you guys know the words, help me out,” the singer told fans before going into a performance of “Stay,” which had everyone singing along.

“Who’s with their best f—ing friends tonight?” the rapper asked the crowd. “This next song is about going out with your friends,” he continued before performing “Go Flex.”

While performing “Rockstar” — in true rockstar fashion — Malone smashed his guitar on stage.

The artist wrapped up his set with two of his biggest hits, “White Iverson” and “Congratulations,” which both had everyone in the crowd singing along.

“L.A. make some noise,” Malone shouted to the crowd as he wrapped up his set. “Thank you so much for coming out and rocking with me tonight. It means the world to me. Should out to Tyler [the Creator],” Malone said as he left the stage.

Ms. Lauryn Hill

Legendary singer, rapper and songwriter Ms. Lauryn Hill graced the stage on Day 2 dressed in an oversized coat, silver beaded headpiece and matching glitter eyeshadow.

The artist’s rare performance was in celebration of the 20th anniversary of her debut solo album Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which was released in 1998 (and is her only solo studio album to date). Shortly after the album’s debut, Hill famously left the public eye to lead a quiet, more private life.

Being that this was such a rare performance for the Grammy Award winner, 43, fans could feel the excitement in the crowd. The music legend is known for being notoriously late for performances, so naturally she arrived on stage 25 minutes past her scheduled set time.

“Hey, what’s up y’all?” the soul queen asked the crowd as she came out on stage. “L.A., can you believe it’s been 20 years since the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album came out? I remember performing it when it first came out. I remember Los Angeles was wonderful, as they always are, supportive, loving, appreciative, and now 20 years later we get to stand up here tonight and do it all, all again for you,” she continued. “Y’all ready?” the former Fugees member asked her fans.

Hill tried to make up for lost time by singing back-to-back hits from Miseducation without saying much to the crowd in between songs. The artist sang “Lost Ones,” “Everything Is Everything,” “Superstar” and “Final Hour.”

“Yo L.A., you ready? Let’s go!” Hill shouted to the crowd before performing “Ex-Factor.”

“Alright so listen, let’s take it back,” Ms. Lauryn Hill told her fans as she belted out her Grammy-winning single “Doo-Wop (That Thing),” which had everyone in the crowd singing along.

Towards the end of her set, the “To Zion” singer shared a message of positivity with the crowd, telling everyone to “Stay peaceful, stay positive, stay powerful.”

After thanking the crowd for their support, Hill’s mic got cut. The artist appeared to be trying to talk to the audience, but after a few minutes with no sound coming from the mic, Hill waved goodbye and was met with loud cheers.

Tyler, The Creator

It’s no surprise that Tyler, the Creator brought out a massive crowd during his set, in which he performed a variety of songs from “Where This Flower Blooms,” “Boredom,” and “OKRA.”

“I wanna thank all of you for coming out tonight. And that’s my speech, let’s go!” the artist shouted to the crowd before performing “Mr. Lonely,” “IFHY” and “Gelato.”

The rapper, 27, rode around the stage on a bike while performing “Biking,” a song by his good friend Frank Ocean that Tyler is featured on. The Camp Flog Gnaw founder brought out A$AP Rocky for a performance of “Who Dat Boy.”

Towards the end of Tyler’s set, he gave a shout out to A$AP Rocky, who could then be seen on the side of the stage during the rapper’s set, standing next to Jaden Smith. “Where’s Kendall?” Tyler asked the two of them, about his close friend Kendall Jenner, who previously dated A$AP Rocky.

Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator
| Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage; PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Smith also sent fans into a frenzy after claiming that Tyler, the Creator is his boyfriend, though a source tells PEOPLE that the 20-year-old was just “trolling.”

“I just want to say Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world, and I love him so f—ing much,” Smith said on stage, as captured on video by fans. “And I want to tell you guys something. Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler’s my mother f—ing boyfriend and he’s been my mother f—ing boyfriend my whole f—ing life. Tyler the Creator is my f—ing boyfriend. It’s true!”