Camila Cabello on Why She Won't Talk Love Life: 'I Don't Want to Give People That Piece of Me'

Camila Cabello may live in the public eye, but that doesn't mean she wants to make certain elements of her life — particularly dating — public

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Camila Cabello may live in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean she wants to make certain elements of her life — particularly dating — public.

The former member of Fifth Harmony, 20, shared why she’s been very cautious about talking about her love life in the latest issue of Latina.

“I get why people are interested in my love life, but I don’t want to give people that piece of me because it is the most important part,” she explained.

The Cuban-born singer continued, “Here’s my dream life: I want to make songs and have incredible experiences with people. I don’t want to be locked up in a hotel room and just do press and red carpets. That’s not the kind of life I want to live. I want to make music, but I also want to go on road trips with friends. I want to go backpacking around Europe. I want to meet a Spanish boy in Spain and fall in love.”


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Cabello also spoke about how everything she says on social media is under a microscope and often misinterpreted by fans due to cultural differences.

“Social media’s weird because people can get too caught up in it,” she said. “I understand though, because I was a fangirl. Love is the most important thing to me in the world. I’m such a hopeless romantic. I’m reading Love in the Time of Cholera. It’s like ‘I am Florentina!’ When I fall in love with someone I would do anything for them. It’s probably because I’m Latin. I’m so passionate, and I grew up listening to boleros and love songs.”

She added, “It’s so funny when you translate the lyrics into English it sounds cheesy because of how passionate the language is. If you said that in English, people would be like, ‘What the hell, dude? Are you okay?’ But in Spanish it’s normal.”

The singer also addressed her departure from Fifth Harmony, saying it was time for a change.

“I started in the group when I was just 15. I needed to follow my heart and my artistic vision,” she shared. “I’m grateful for everything we had in Fifth Harmony and for [this new] opportunity. I am less focused on success and more on doing my best and pursuing my artistic vision to the fullest, wherever that takes me. Of course I also hope people will enjoy my music!”

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