"There’s a huge chance you’re going to come across something that really hurts your feelings," Camila Cabello says of social media

By Karen Mizoguchi
May 31, 2018 09:00 AM

Though Camila Cabello loves interacting with her fan base, she reveals erasing social media from her own phone helps her cope with fame.

Speaking with Cosmopolitan for its July cover, the singer, 21, says the negative aspects of being in the public spotlight had taken a toll on her.

“I try to protect myself as much as I can. I don’t have any social media on my phone,” Cabello explains. “I have it on my mom’s phone, so if there’s anything I want to say or if I want to read through what my fans are sending me, I can. It has made a world of difference.”

And the former Fifth Harmony member shares how past experiences with negative social media comments had affected her.

“If it’s right at your fingertips, there’s a huge chance you’re going to come across something that really hurts your feelings. Huge. And it’s impossible to forget it,” Cabello advises.

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Camila Cabello
Matthew Eades

The star previously spoke about her anti-social media stance in July 2017 when she admitted that she would quit it altogether if it weren’t for her fans.

“I have a really intimate, personal relationship with my fans. They’re really the only reason I like social media,” she told Teen Vogue. “If not for them, I would probably quit and never use it. I try to keep in touch with them as much as possible because they support me so much.”

While she can’t manage the social media commentary, one thing she can control is her ability to control her nerves on stage.

“It’s something I have to work on, and I’ve gotten so much better, infinitely better, at it now,” Cabello says of easing her nervousness before a performance.

“You have to remember that, first, it’s not that serious. Second, if I choose to have fun, it’ll make the show a billion times better. I just want to live my best life. Twitter slang!” she jokes.

Camila Cabello
Matthew Eades

And Cabello has no bigger stage than opening for Taylor Swift on her sold-out Reputation tour.

“We met like four years ago at the VMAs. I went up to her and Lorde, and I was like, ‘I just want to say that I really look up to you guys.’ We’ve been friends ever since,” she says of her first meeting with Swift. “She’s one of the people who made me want to start songwriting. I love her. She’s been a great friend, very caring.”

Last week, Cabello announced she was forced to cancel her performance in Seattle, Washington after she went to the hospital following her performance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

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As she recovers and recuperates from her packed performance schedule, Cabello has one shoulder to lean on: boyfriend Matthew Hussey.

“I just love love! I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I need to feel that emotion. Finding your person is one of the closest things we have to magic,” she says, though she did not name Hussey in the interview. “You just can’t explain it. The same way you can’t explain why a song makes you cry.”

Cabello’s Cosmopolitan cover story hits newsstands June 5.