"These stories are about falling in love," the pop star said of her new singles and her upcoming album

By Claudia Harmata
September 05, 2019 10:25 AM

Camila Cabello just released not one, but two new singles from her highly anticipated second album, Romance.

On Thursday, the Grammy Award-nominated artist dropped the new songs, “Liar” and “Shameless,” with an accompanying music video for the latter.

“These songs are basically the story of my life the past couple years and the stories I’ve accumulated,” Cabello, 22, said in a press release. “I knew for a long time I wanted my album to be called Romance because these stories are about falling in love.”

In “Shameless,” the songstress sings about the all-consuming nature of love, calling it relentless like a burning fire.

“Right now I’m shameless, screaming my lungs out for you,” she sings in the chorus. “Not afraid to face it. I need you more than I wanted to.”

The music video begins with Cabello in a church confessional booth, before it heats up — with actual fire and passionate choreography.

In “Liar,” she sings about temptation and not being able to resist, letting go of the walls and excuses she’s put up to avoid falling in love.

“I said I won’t lose control, I don’t want it. I said I won’t get too close, but I can’t stop it,” she sings. “Oh no, there you go making me a liar.”

The pop star had previously teased her new album in a series of posts on Instagram and a cryptic video in which she gives a monologue about love and her experience with it, and how it can be impossible to really know whether you’ve ever mastered it.

“What do I know about love? Nothing,” Cabello, who split from ex Matthew Hussey earlier this year, remarks at the start of the video as she waxes on about love lost.

“Where does the love go when it runs out? When does it leave? Why does it die? Do you kill it in one violent blow? Or is it a million unattended, unhealed little cuts and scratches,” she says amidst clips of herself on the beach and surrounded by nature.

“What do I know about love? Everything,” Cabello adds seconds later, as she describes the journey love can take you on. “It creeps into my chest uninvited and untamable.”

“It will bring you to your knees — if you did it right,” she says. “What I know for sure about love is that you never come out of it the same.”


“I know that when you’re in love kissing is everything because words aren’t the only way to tell somebody how you feel,” she adds. “I know when you call in love you feel like you’re the first and only two people in the world. Every kiss, every touch, every caress is like something you feel nobody has ever felt before.”

The “Havana” singer has recently been seen showing some serious PDA with singer Shawn Mendes.

Since the release of their music video for “Señorita” in June, Cabello and Mendes, 21, have been spotted kissing and holding hands in public several times, although they’ve yet to confirm their relationship.

In her cover story for ELLE’s Women in Music-themed October issue, Cabello opened up about why she’s keeping their relationship private to a “maddening degree.”