"It’s hard to imagine a more perfect leading lady," Vine says of high school friend Serratos

By Jeff Nelson
February 15, 2018 11:00 AM
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Up-and-coming rapper and singer Bryce Vine dropped his rising single “Drew Barrymore” last fall, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the music video for the track.

The musician recruited his longtime friend Christian Serratos — of Walking Dead and Twilight fame — to star alongside him in the clip, in which they play tennis, snack on colorful confections and rock some choreographed dance moves.

“It’s hard to imagine a more perfect leading lady than Christian Serratos,” Vine, 29, tells PEOPLE. “She’s multi-talented, graceful and, not to mention, beautiful. We’ve been friends since our teens, and I think that our chemistry on camera was definitely enhanced from years of trusting in each other’s talent and ability.”

Adds Serratos: “It’s very fulfilling being able to work with someone you’ve known and respected for so long. Being able to see each other’s journey and hard work after all these years is both satisfying and motivating.”

Bryce Vine (right) in his “Drew Barrymore” music video with Christian Serratos
Serratos and Vine at the Twilight wrap party in West Hollywood (2008)
| Credit: Courtesy Bryce Vine

Vine (born Bryce Ross-Johnson) grew up in New York City. In 2011, he appeared on Fox’s The Glee Project singing competition. Vine released EPs in 2014 and 2016 and has worked with everyone from G-Eazy, to Julia Michaels, who cowrote “Drew Barrymore.”

In January, Entertainment Weekly dubbed Vine one of “eight artists who will rule 2018.” Up next, the rising star will hit the road on tour with Timeflies as he prepares to release his genre-spanning debut LP.