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March 10, 2017 04:45 PM

Bruce Sudano is getting political.

On Friday, the singer-songwriter — and Donna Summer‘s widower — announced his first new album in two years, which includes lead single “It Ain’t Cool,” available for instant download upon pre-order of his upcoming LP 21st Century World on iTunes.

“Politicians serving the wrong master / Greed is gonna bring capitalism down / Brought to the brink of the ever-after / By imposters to the throne who got no throne / It’s a selfish society / Where the almighty dollar buys the rules / That ain’t the way that it was conceived,” Sudano, 68, sings on the tracks.

The musician’s decision to get political was a deliberate one.

“‘It Ain’t Cool’ is an observation on the culture at large: self-serving politicians, the lack of integrity, greed destroying capitalism, where money is the justification for everything,” Sudano told PEOPLE. “My hope as a songwriter and artist is to provoke thought and create a dialogue regarding issues that concern us all.”

Sudano has worked as a professional musician since the 1960s, from opening for Chicago to writing tracks for icons including Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire and his wife Donna Summer.

The pair married in 1980, three years after they met, and welcomed two daughters: Brooklyn and Amanda, now 36 and 34 respectively. The Grammy-winning disco queen died in 2012 after battling lung cancer.

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