Bruce Springsteen opens up about life, love and new music in the new issue of AARP the Magazine

By Gillian Telling
September 24, 2020 08:00 AM
Danny Clinch

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are back — and they're sounding better than ever.

In the October/November issue of AARP the Magazine, the music legend, 71, opens up about what it was like to get back together with his band for their 20th studio album, and what he's learned about life and love along his long musical journey.

“We spent one week in the studio — five days — and cut the entire record. It was all live, no overdub vocals and just a few overdub instruments," the 20-time Grammy winner told writer Bob Love of their new album Letter to You. "It’s the first truly live, in-the-studio record of the band we’ve ever made.”

Looking back at his music career, Springsteen said he feels like his earlier work was from a lifetime ago.

Taylor Hill/Getty

“I heard something of mine from 1975 on a record the other day, and I said, 'That was about seven or eight lives ago,'" he said. "It was a full and entire life of its own. And I lived that one, and it was a great one, and now I’m living another one."

He added, "I lived a life where we raised our children. That life is gone now. Now Patti and I are living another life. So, you live a lot of lives over the course of your one life.”

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In the article, Springsteen also opened up about losing loved ones. "Spirit is very strong," he said. "It really carries over at the end of the day."

He added that friends of his that have passed away, such as Clarence Clemons, still leave him with songs.

"And what are songs but dreams, at the end of the day?" he said. "It really is all my dreams that I put down on paper and on tape.”

As far as how he's been doing during the current pandemic? He, like the rest of the world, is simply looking forward to the day its all behind us.

“All I can tell you is, when this experience is over, I am going to throw the wildest party you’ve ever seen," he told the magazine. "And you, my friends, are all invited.”