Bruce Springsteen 'Always Remembers' How Tim McGraw Cheered Him Up After Losing a Grammy in 2003

"That took me up, it was kind of a great moment. And I've always remembered that when I think of you," Springsteen tells McGraw

Bruce Springsteen has some fond memories of Tim McGraw.

Catching up with the country star on his Apple Music Country show Beyond the Influence Radio, Springsteen reminisced about being cheered up by McGraw after he lost the album of the year Grammy in 2003. (PEOPLE has an exclusive clip of their chat.)

"I always remember one thing you said to me. It was the night after we lost the Grammy for The Rising and I came into the dressing room and everybody was kind of down in the mouth," Springsteen, 71, recalled during the legends' conversation. "And you said, 'Hey, what's the matter man? You're Bruce Springsteen.'"

"I always remember that, man," he added. "That took me up, it was kind of a great moment. And I've always remembered that when I think of you."

That year, Springsteen's The Rising took home the award for best rock album, but ultimately lost the album of the year category to Norah Jones' Come Away with Me.

Tim McGraw and Bruce Springsteen
Tim McGraw and Bruce Springsteen. John Shearer/WireImage; Will Russell/Getty Images

During the two's chat, Springsteen also explained what defines success for him. (Hint: it's not money.)

"More than wanting to be rich or famous, I wanted to be great," he said. "That was the thing that motivated me was when people looked at me and my band, I wanted to say, 'Well, man, they were one of the great ones.'"

"And that still motivates me like it did when I was 16 years old," he added, before talking about his album Letter to You. "And so was this record... I think it can stand up next to the best records that I've made. It was just the desire to do something that would wake my fans up, make them feel alive, help contextualize their lives at this point and in these very difficult times that we're going through. And that would just be great."

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It's a mindset that Springsteen has held close to his heart over the years, especially as he's enjoyed his successes alongside his E Street Band.

"We have been together literally since our very, very young adulthood. So that means you went through every aspect of their lives with them and they went through every aspect of yours," he said of the band, explaining that some have been part of the journey for 50 years. "They saw you grow up, they saw things go well, things go bad. They saw you get married. They saw you get divorced. They saw you getting married. You saw them get married, get divorced, have children. You've seen the children grow up."

"As I say that, rock and roll is the only business where the people you were in high school with, 50 years later you are working with those exact same people. There is no other business in the world... where that's the case. The challenge of that is enormous, and I think you learn a lot."

Tim McGraw's Beyond the Influence airs every other Wednesday or on-demand on Apple Music.

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