WATCH: Bruce Springsteen Voices Audiobook Edition of His Bestselling Memoir 'Born to Run'

The Boss' Born to Run audiobook will drop Dec. 6

He was “Born to Run,” he was “Born in the U.S.A.” — and he was born to write about his life.

In his new book Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen opens up his rise from Jersey boy to rock icon. The Boss’ strained relationship with his father informed his music, and he gives fans a closer look at their difficult dynamic in his memoir. The autobiography’s accompanying audiobook — narrated by Springsteen himself — is due Dec. 6, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first listen to a passage about his parents.

“When you walk through the bar room doors of my hometown, you entered the mystical realm of men. On the rare night, my mother would call my father home, we would slowly drive through home until we drew to a stop outside of a single-lit door. She’d point and say, ‘Go in and get your father,'” Springsteen, 67, reads in the clip.

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“Entering my father’s public sanctuary filled me with a thrill and fear. I’d been given license by mom to do the unthinkable: interrupt my pop while he was in sacred space,” he adds in the passage. “I’d push open the door, dodging men who towered over me on their way out. I stood waist-high to them at best, so when I entered the barroom, I felt like a Jack who’d climbed some dark beanstalk, ending up in a land of familiar but frightening giants.”

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In addition to putting his gruff vocals on display in the Born to Run audiobook, Springsteen — who recently opened up about his own struggles with depression — also played and recorded short instrumental versions of songs that serve as background and introductory music to his narration.

Born to Run was first released in September.

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