Britney Spears Says She's 'Gonna Cry the Rest of the Day' as Her Conservatorship Is Terminated

The end of Britney Spears' conservatorship comes almost two months after her father Jamie was suspended as her estate conservator

Britney Spears is crying happy tears as she celebrates the end of her conservatorship.

The pop star, 39, addressed news that Los Angeles County Judge Brenda Penny had terminated both her personal and estate conservatorship on Friday, and thanked her many fans on Twitter and Instagram.

"Good God I love my fans so much it's crazy !!! I think I'm gonna cry the rest of the day !!!!" she wrote, adding both a teary-eyed emoji and a red heart emoji. "Best day ever ... praise the Lord ... can I get an Amen ???? #FreedBritney."

Spears also included a video showing fans gathered outside the courthouse who celebrated the legal victory with pink confetti and "Free Britney" flags.

The star also shared a since-deleted photo of herself celebrating the day's events in a yellow dress, and expressed her excitement in the caption.

"I can't freaking believe it !!!! Again … best day ever !!!!" she captioned the Instagram post.

Penny approved her father Jamie Spears' petition to end Britney's conservatorship after the singer made it clear over the summer that she wanted out.

"The court finds and determines that the conservatorship of the person and the estate is no longer required," Judge Penny said in court Friday afternoon. "Therefore, effective today, the conservatorship of the person and estate of Britney Jean Spears… is hereby terminated."

At the start of the hearing, Britney's attorney Mathew Rosengart stated, "I don't want to bury the lede — we believe the conservatorship as a practical matter should end today." Both Jamie's attorney Alex M. Weingarten and conservator of Britney's person Jodi Montgomery's attorney Lauriann Wright told the court they had nothing to add.

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Friday's hearing comes two months after her father Jamie, 69, was suspended from his longtime role as conservator of the pop star's estate.

The suspension came in late September, one week after Britney's attorney Mathew Rosengart asked the court to do so, and formally appoint a temporary successor in John Zabel.

Rosengart, who was present in court, accused Jamie Spears of being "cruel" and "abusive" toward Britney, and noted at the time that his client "wants," "needs" and "deserves an orderly transition."

britney and jamie spears
Britney Spears, Jamie Spears. getty; Alex Berliner/Shutterstock

Vivian L. Thoreen, Jamie Spears' former attorney, added, "Mr. Spears has not talked to his daughter in many months, but he'd love to. ... Everything Jamie has done is in [Britney's] best interest."

In an earlier statement in September, Rosengart said Spears' life under her conservatorship was a "Kafkaesque nightmare imposed upon her by her father," and that she wanted him suspended "so that her dignity and basic liberties can be restored."

Jamie, however, had defended himself in court asking that he not be suspended as estate conservator. (In a court filing in September, his attorneys wrote that he "continues to serve faithfully" in his role and "should not be suspended, especially since the Conservatorship should soon be terminated.")

Over the summer, Britney spoke out about her 13-year conservatorship for the first time as she slammed her father and family and asked for an end to her conservatorship.

"It's demoralizing what I've been through. I've never said it openly - I never thought anyone would believe me," Britney said in court back in June as she spoke out for the first time. "I'm not lying. I just want my life back. It's been 13 years and it's been enough."

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"I want to be able to be heard. I've kept this in for so long - it's not good for my heart. I've been so angry and I cry every day," she added.

At the time, there was a 20-minute recess before Thoreen addressed the court and said: "[Jamie] is sorry to see his daughter in so much pain. [He] loves his daughter and misses her very much."

Then, in July, Britney spoke out again, saying she "would like to charge my father with conservatorship abuse" as she described her conservatorship as "f—ing cruelty."

"Their goal was to make me feel crazy and I'm not," she said at the time. "And that's not okay."

The end of Britney's conservatorship comes at a pivotal time for the "Toxic" singer, as she recently got engaged to her boyfriend Sam Asghari, months after she claimed during her June 23 hearing that she was unable to have a baby or get married due to her conservatorship. (Her conservators later denied the allegation.)

"Words can't even say how shocked I am 💍 … geez although the asshole was way overdue 😜 !!!!" Spears wrote about Asghari, 27. "It was definitely worth the wait."

"Yes world … that beautiful f—ing man in that picture is MINE 😍 !!!" she continued. "I'm so blessed it's insane 🌹🌹🌹 !!!!"

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