Britney Spears' Sister Jamie Lynn Slams Critics Hours After Pop Star Appeared in Court

Jamie Lynn Spears denied an Instagram commenter's insinuation that she received an "allowance" from her sister

Jamie Lynn Spears did not hold back when it came to putting a social media commenter in their place.

Just hours after her sister Britney Spears appeared in court for her conservatorship hearing, Jamie Lynn, 28, posted sweet supportive photo of Britney, 37.

In the comments, one fan wrote, “Fear of losing your allowance, I see!”

Jamie Lynn responded, “haha nice try, but I have NEVER been paid a dime from my sister. that is HER hard earned money, and I am NOT entitled to a cent of it. I would no spend money I did not earn.”

In addition to defending herself and her sister in her Instagram comments, Jamie Lynn also seemingly referenced the conservatorship hearing today in a video she posted to her social media.

Jamie Lynn Spears Instagram

“So, it’s been a minute since I’ve done one of my Tom Boy Talk videos because there’s been a little ‘s’ going down,” the country singer said.

The video then slowed down while Gwen Stefani‘s “Hollaback Girl” started playing, specifically the lyrics, “This s— is bananas.”

“But I’m back because I didn’t forget about y’all and the topics that you’ve submitted,” she continued.

Britney and Jamie Spears
Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears. Image Group LA/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Just hours before her sister’s post, Britney was seen arriving at a Los Angeles courthouse holding hands with her mother, Lynne Spears, for Friday’s conservatorship hearing.

While the hearing was closed to reporters, a source told PEOPLE that the judge ordered an expert evaluation.

The insider added that Britney asked for certain freedoms under her conservatorship, but the judge didn’t grant that request.

As she arrived at court, Britney passed several “#FreeBritney” protesters and entered the courthouse via a back entrance.

Lynne previously filed a legal motion, obtained by PEOPLE, on May 6 that asked the court to receive notice of “all matters which special notice may be requested.”

But just because Lynne wants to be kept more up to speed regarding information and updates on Britney, that doesn’t mean there’s a conflict between her and Britney’s father Jamie Spears, who became a permanent conservator of Britney’s affairs in 2008.

“There’s no battle between Jamie and Lynne,” a source close to the situation previously told PEOPLE. “Lynne has always been filled in by Jamie and is now just making it official.”

And as for how Britney is doing, an insider previously told PEOPLE, “Britney is still adjusting to medications. It’s a difficult situation for her and Lynne is in L.A. to help. Lynne wants to be more involved in Britney’s care because she is her mom. If there is something more they can do for Britney, Lynne wants to make sure Britney gets that help.”

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