Britney Spears still has fond memories of The Mickey Mouse Club 25 years later

Britney Spears is open to reuniting with her fellow cast members of the show that made them stars.

Twenty-five years after her big break on The Mickey Mouse Club, Spears chatted about the show with Entertainment Tonight. “It was a really good time,” she said. “It was a great time. It was probably one of the most special times in my life.”

The show also catapulted Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, JC Chasez, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling to fame. Would Spears consider a reboot? “They would have to plan it,” she replied. “I would definitely show up. I would go. Definitely.”

Spears and Timberlake famously dated from 1999 to 2002. In 2016, Timberlake said he would “absolutely” be interested in collaborating with Spears on new music.

Spears would have to fit the (hypothetical) reunion into her busy schedule. She just released her first gender-neutral fragrance, Prerogative, and is taking her Piece of Me show on the road after wrapping up her four-year residency in Las Vegas.

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The cast of The Mickey Mouse Club in the early ’90s.
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A source previously told PEOPLE, “She is very excited to be back on stage and bringing this show to the East Coast and the UK and Europe. She loves performing for her fans!”

Her tour has the added bonus of keeping her healthy. “My show is a workout in itself, so it kind of keeps you really strong,” she said to ET. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘I just want a hamburger,’ but when I’m in real work mode, I want very clean. I like just clean chicken and veggies. That’s it. My stomach is so sensitive. If I have a steak, I’ll be sick for three days.”

When she does choose to splurge, she says she goes for a McDonald’s Happy Meal — perhaps the food of choice if the Mickey Mouse gang ever reunites.