November 14, 2016 02:55 PM

Britney Spears is making us ooh with her awesome take on the viral #MannequinChallenge.

Joining the likes of FLOTUS Michelle Obama and Destiny’s Child, Spears and her dancers staged their own freeze frame moment for a fun Instagram video.

Posed together, the dancers held clapping poses around the 34-year-old, who was stuck in a lunge.

“We use our bodies to make our own #MannequinChallenge,” Spears wrote on social media, quoting the lyrics of her new hit, “Slumber Party.”

She added, “THANK YOU for voting #PieceOfMe for @TheBestOfLV!!!”

The singer’s video was more than just participation in the Internet’s latest craze — it was also a celebration of Spears’ Best of Las Vegas win.

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Spears’ Piece of Me show in Las Vegas won the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s Best Resident Performer award.

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