Britney Spears Experiencing 'Debilitating Emotional Issues': 'Everything Is Very Up and Down' Says Source

"It's like she isn't in control over her emotions right now," a source tells PEOPLE of Britney Spears

Britney Spears is weathering a difficult time amid her conservatorship drama, post-treatment lifestyle and her father Jamie’s recovery after suffering a life-threatening colon rupture last fall.

“Britney is dealing with debilitating emotional issues that need to be treated with medications. It’s like she isn’t in control over her emotions right now,” a Spears family source tells PEOPLE. “Everything is very up and down.”

PEOPLE previously reported that Spears’ prior medication regimen had lost some efficacy over time. “There is no doubt that she needs to be on medications to try and find a balance again, but it’s very scary when the meds are not working,” the source continues.

According to the insider, Spears experiences a range of emotions on a daily basis. “Right now, she is very sluggish and down. Some days, she is a zombie. There is no life and definitely no passion in her. It’s very sad.”

However, on Thursday Spears showed off her choreography skills in an Instagram video set to Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream.” (Fans have since pointed out that the video was likely shot on March 15, 2018, when she posted a workout clip in the same outfit and accessories.)

Attorneys for Lynne Spears, as well as reps for the singer, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

After Spears left treatment in late April, her mother Lynne filed a legal motion to be kept informed of all matters pertaining to her daughter’s conservatorship, of which Jamie was named permanent conservator of her affairs in 2008.

Last Friday, Lynne was present at a conservatorship hearing during which a judge ordered a 730 evaluation for Spears. (It is unclear whether the examination — which is often used to assess custodial parents’ fitness in divorce cases — relates to Jamie and Lynne’s involvement in Spears’s life or to some other matter.)

On Wednesday, The Blast reported that the judge in Spears’ conservatorship ordered a probate court investigator to look into her case, including her team. There will be a report filed prior to Spears’ next hearing on Sept. 18.

In early January, Spears announced that she was taking an indefinite break from work to support her father amid his medical issues. More recently, the 37-year-old singer, who shares sons Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, with ex Kevin Federline, has chosen to stay out of the public eye to manage her personal stress and also adjust to her medications that were prescribed to aid her mental health.

Meanwhile, mom Lynne has chosen to be there for her daughter.

“It’s a difficult situation for her and Lynne is in L.A. to help. Lynne wants to be more involved in Britney’s care because she is her mom,” the Spears family source told PEOPLE earlier this month. “If there is something more they can do for Britney, Lynne wants to make sure Britney gets that help.”

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