Britney Spears' Sealed Conservatorship 'Care Plan' Includes 'Guidelines' to Aid Her 'Decision-Making'

The care plan addresses "key issues arising from the transition off the 13-year conservatorship," according to the court filing from Jodi Montgomery

Britney Spears will be receiving support as she adjusts to her post-conservatorship life.

A filing by the pop star's former conservator Jodi Montgomery reveals that Spears, 39, will be supported by a "care plan" or "termination plan" developed by Montgomery and Spears' medical team to help her in her post-conservatorship adjustment.

The filing, submitted to the court prior to the Nov. 12 hearing where the conservatorship was terminated and obtained by PEOPLE, explains that the care plan is in "regard to Ms. Spears' ongoing needs and best interests — just those outside of a Conservatorship."

"Ms. Montgomery would like to ensure that there are guidelines in place for supportive decision-making to help her adjust and transition to life outside of the Conservatorship," read the document, filed by Montgomery's attorney Lauriann Wright. "The Termination Plan therefore necessarily contains sensitive and private information about Ms. Spears' medical doctors, conditions and treatment, as well as information related to her minor children."

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The document also requests the sealing of the plan "away from the prying eyes of the public" since it includes sensitive, confidential information about the singer's health and her teenage sons.

Montgomery also states that the plan addresses "key issues arising from the transition off the 13-year conservatorship."

During Friday's hearing, Judge Brenda Penny addressed the termination plan as a supporting reason to end the conservatorship. (Spears' attorney, her father Jamie's attorney and Montgomery's attorney all had no objections to the decision to terminate it.)

In October, a source close to Spears told PEOPLE that her adjustment to her new life would be a reason for concern. Since she's had every decision made for her since 2008, "no one knows if she will be able to care for if the conservatorship is eliminated," the insider said at the time. "It's going to be difficult for her to create a whole new life after so many years of restrictions."

However, the care plan is one Montgomery has been working on since late June, when Spears addressed the court and requested the end of her conservatorship, calling it "abusive." In a statement to PEOPLE at the time, Wright said Montgomery looked "forward" to presenting the care plan and "supporting Britney through the process."

And following Friday's hearing where Spears' conservatorship was ended, a rep for Montgomery shared to PEOPLE that Montgomery was "happy" to continue helping Spears in her adjustment over the coming months.

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"Throughout the conservatorship, Ms. Montgomery has been a tireless advocate for Ms. Spears and it has always been her goal to give Ms. Spears a path towards the termination of her conservatorship," Montgomery's rep from EMC Bowery told PEOPLE. "That day is now here."

The statement continued, "Ms. Montgomery is happy to continue working for Ms. Spears and assisting Ms. Spears in her freedom, independence, growth, wellness, and happiness outside of the conservatorship."

For now, the singer is in celebration mode.

On Monday, the singer said she celebrated the end of her conservatorship with her "first glass of champagne."

"What an amazing weekend … I felt like I was on cloud 9 the whole time," she wrote on Instagram., before adding, "I'm celebrating my freedom and my B day for the next two months !!!!!!!!!!!"

She added, "I mean after 13 years … I think I've waited long ENOUGH !!!!"

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