Duncan Jones Accepts BRIT Award for Dad David Bowie: This 'Is for All the Kooks'

David Bowie posthumously won the MasterCard British album of the year for Blackstar

Duncan Jones

David Bowie‘s son Duncan Jones paid tribute to his late father’s legacy during the 2017 BRIT Awards on Wednesday, taking the stage to accept the icon’s posthumous award for MasterCard British album of the year.

“I lost my dad last year, but I also became a dad,” said Jones, 45, “and I was spending a lot of time after getting over the shock of trying to work out what would I want my son to know about his granddad.”

“And I think, it would be the same thing that most of my dad’s fans have taken over the last 50 years: he’s always been there supporting people who think they’re a little bit weird, or a little bit strange, a little bit different. And he’s always been there for them,” continued Jones.

Michael Loccisano/Getty

Bowie – who died after a cancer battle in January 2016 – won the honor for his final album, Blackstar.

“This award is for all the kooks and all the people who make the kooks,” said Jones – whose mother is Bowie’s ex-wife, Angie Bowie.

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Earlier this month, Jones honored his father after the latter was awarded five trophies at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Jones wrote on Twitter, “So proud of you dad! Would hold you up forever.”

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