In "The Best of Us," singer/songwriter's pays tribute to how his daughter changed his life
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Brandon Jenner is clearly a family man — and he’s proud to show off the people he loves.

In his latest video, the singer/songwriter shares some sweet footage of him and his 2-year-old daughter, Eva James. The black and white video accompanies “The Best of Us,” the latest track off his debut solo effort, Burning Ground.

Jenner tells PEOPLE that his daughter inspired the song.

“When Eva was just a few months old, I would play piano for her as she fell asleep in her crib,” Jenner, 36, tells PEOPLE. “For a good portion of her infancy, it was the only way that she would doze off to sleep.”

During that era, Jenner, 36, had a flash of inspiration. “One night while she slept, I wrote a song for her called “The Best of Us,” he says. “It’s not just about the love I feel for her but also about the divine purpose that her presence has given both my wife, Leah, and I.”


Jenner continues to promote Burning Ground, and is planning an upcoming international tour. He already has a devoted following; he and wife Leah have amassed scores of fans as the indie pop duo Brandon & Leah.

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Jenner, the son of retired Olympian Caitlyn Jenner and actress Linda Thompson, tells PEOPLE that Eva has changed his entire life’s focus.

“My wish for her is that, as her parents, we are able to be present enough to pass on the best parts of ourselves while allowing her to become the unique individual she is,” he says. “Having a child has sparked the biggest transformation in my life and this song and video represent some of my first expressions in this incredible journey.”

Burning Ground is available now on iTunes or on Spotify.