Brandon Jenner Debuts Music Video for 'I Believe,' the Hopeful New Song That Left Him 'Weeping with Joy' When He Wrote It

The sunny new track appears on Jenner's debut EP Burning Ground

Brandon Jenner released his debut solo effort, Burning Ground, on Friday, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the music video for his hopeful new track “I Believe.”

The clip features photos and videos submitted by people from around the world, which he pulled together after reaching out on social media. The strikingly upbeat imagery is complemented by the song’s positive lyrics: “I believe in peace, I believe in people, I believe in you, if you believe in me, too … I believe in love … Listen to your heart, everyone is equal / Giving all you have will leave you with nothing to lose.”

Jenner, 35, was “blown away” by the response on Instagram and is hopeful that the video will provide joy and idealism in others.

“It’s something that I believe in my core anyway, but to have evidence that there are people all around the are hoping for a peaceful world was just a really great, cathartic experience,” he says. “I can’t wait for it to hopefully spread a little positivity into this world.”

Brandon & Leah iHeart Radio "Rising Star" Performance At Macy's
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And Jenner adds the song was inspired by a few things, including his family: wife Leah, 33, and daughter Eva, 16 months.

“Sometimes when you’re in a great place and really deep in that zone, you’re able to express the emotion that you have very clearly.So much has changed in the last couple years in my life. For sure becoming a dad is the most significant; I knew who I was, but I just feel like I’m in such a different place now,” says Jenner, who is one-half of the husband-wife indie pop duo Brandon & Leah and, of course, Olympian and trans advocate Caitlyn Jenner‘s second-oldest son. “[When I began writing the song two years ago] I was living in Santa Monica with Leah, super in love with her as I’ve always been.When I wrote this chorus, I remember weeping with joy because the feeling of being able to express these emotions that I have”


Many of the rest of the tracks on Burning Ground, available now on iTunes, were similarly family-inspired.

“I have a song on the record called ‘The Best of Us,’ and it’s a song about my daughter that I used to play piano while she was sleeping right next to me, just to soothe her and let her sleep,” Jenner says. “And I have a song that I wrote for Leah that is called ‘In the Stars.’ It really is an expression of my life and the emotions that I have felt over the last eighteen months.”

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