In Real Life's first single "Eyes Closed" is out now

By Mariah Haas
September 27, 2017 04:45 PM

Since winning ABC’s reality music competition Boy Band last month, In Real Life — which consists of band members Sergio Calderon, Michael Conor, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos and Brady Tutton — has already released their first single “Eyes Closed.”

“I think for this generation, obviously the band that we all look up to is One Direction,” Conor tells PEOPLE Now of the group’s music inspiration.

“They were the biggest,” continues Conor. “They were known globally and they sold so many records and I think that their impact on this generation is something that we admire and we want to emulate with our music.”

“Not to mention the fact that they also came from reality TV,” adds Perez. “So we have a lot in common.”

But the boys admit they do want to do things a little differently than One Direction, which ultimately split last year.

“I feel like we are trying to be ourselves,” explains Tutton. “We’re not really trying to be like One Direction per se. But they are a very successful boy band. They make great music and they’re all really just nice guys in general. So I think that just them as people would be something to model after.”

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Along with revealing their One Direction inspiration, the group also got candid about what their lives are actually like in real life.

“I like to sleep a lot,” admits Perez, when asked which band member would always want to sleep past noon. “He’s always napping everywhere,” teases Tutton.

And when it comes to snapping group selfies repeatedly to get just the right pic, Tutton takes the title. “There’s a lot of times where I’m making weird faces,” he explains. “I don’t know what it is. I’m just always making the goofiest faces.”

As for their last big splurge?

“I just started online school, so I just bought a MacBook,” shares Tutton during PEOPLE Now’s One Last Thing.

Says Perez: “I’m going to buy the Apple Pods. AirPods.”

“I just bought some Ray-Bans last week,” shares Calderon.

“I recently got a Gucci wallet,” says Conor. “And a belt!” adds Tutton with a laugh.

In Real Life’s first single “Eyes Closed” is out now.