Bono on Discovering He Has a Half-Brother from His Late Father's Affair: 'I Love and Adore' Him

The U2 frontman said he was able to speak with his dad, Bob, about his half-brother's existence before his death in 2001

Bono. Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP via Getty Images

Bono is opening up about a surprising family revelation that emerged just before the death of his father.

The U2 frontman, 62, revealed in a new interview that he has a half-brother about whose existence he only learned in 2000.

"I do have another brother, whom I love and adore, that I didn't know I didn't have," the singer told BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs on Sunday.

Bono explained that his late father Bob was "obviously going through a lot" after the star's mother Iris died in 1974, and said it seemed as though his "head was elsewhere 'cause his heart was elsewhere."

"It's a very close family and I could tell that my father had a deep friendship with this gorgeous woman, who's part of the family," he said. "And then they had a child. And this was all kept a secret."

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The "Sunday Bloody Sunday" singer said that no one, not even Iris or his older brother Norman, knew of the half-brother's existence, but that he was able to speak with Bob about it before he died in 2001 at age 75.

"I asked him, did he love my mother? And he said yes. And I said, 'How could this happen?' And he said it can, and that he was trying to put it right, trying to do the right thing," Bono said. "He wasn't apologizing, he was just stating these are the facts. And I'm at peace with it."

While the timeline of his half-brother's birth remains unclear, Bono expanded further on his "complicated relationship" with his father, which worsened after Iris's death.

Bono (Paul David Hewson), Irish singer-songwriter, activist, and the lead vocalist of the rock band U2, and guitarist David Howell Evans (R) aka 'The Edge', perform at subway station which is bomb shelter, in the center of Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on May 8, 2022
Bono performing in May. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty

The star said that while he understands now his dad was "coping with a lot," he regrets not offering ample support during the difficult times.

"I feel like I wasn't there for him, really, in the way I should be," he said. "I apologized to my father in a little chapel in France after he passed away. I went up to this little chapel, there was nobody there. Lit a candle, and I got on my knees and I just said, 'Look, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. You went through a lot and please forgive me.' And I felt free."

The Grammy winner is set to delve further into his relationship with his parents in his upcoming memoir Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, which is set for release in November.

The book will chronicle Bono's childhood in Dublin, U2's rise to fame and his activism in the fight against HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty, among other topics.

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