Bon Jovi mixed classic hits with new winners at a secret performance ahead of their worldwide tour

By Becky Randel
December 05, 2016 11:38 AM

Let it be known — Jon Bon Jovi, aged 54, can still rock like nobody’s business. The singer and his band put on a pitch-perfect performance Saturday night for an exclusive group of lucky fans in Miami Beach. The hour and a half concert, held at the hot new Faena Hotel, was simultaneously streamed on SirusXM’s Bon Jovi Radio.

Bon Jovi mixed up classic hits like “Living on a Prayer” with numerous titles from their new album This House is Not for Sale, which they’ve been debuting at small appearances this fall ahead of their February world tour. If you couldn’t make the gig (or if your invite got lost in the mail…) fear not! Read on for all the highlights from the exhilarating show.

1. The super hip secret venue

The opulent Faena Hotel has hosted stars like Jay Z and Beyonce and exclusive events such as Friday night’s Madonna concert since it opened last year. But none have boasted the intimacy of this concert. Held in the red cabaret theater, which fits only 200 people and is outfitted with crystal chandeliers and red leather banquettes, the room was magical. Jon Bon Jovi said of the venue (as owner Alan Faena watched along), “It’s like one of those scenes from Eyes Wide Shut, right?,” before he laughed and added, “I’m getting myself in trouble.”

2. The ramped-up crowd (which included a few famous faces)

Bon Jovi fans are hard-core, and when you put 150 of them together, mere feet away from their idols, the vibe is bound to be electric. The crowd, which included Andy Cohen, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan, sang—or shouted—just about every single word to every single song as they danced throughout the stimulating atmosphere.

3. The classic hits

Bon Jovi has spent 30-plus years solidifying their role as the kings of rock anthems, and the band was happy to deliver those tunes to the exuberant crowd. From “You Give Love a Bad Name” to “Wanted Dead or Alive” and even the “Living on a Prayer” encore, the band delivered their classics with clear perfection. Ironically, when Jon spoke to PEOPLE before the show, he pointed out, “This will be the first time I’ve played any of the catalogue songs in three years, so all the old stuff is new.” The newer songs such as “This House is Not for Sale” and “Living with a Ghost” received an enthusiastic reception as well.

4. The chemistry

Fans know that some members of Bon Jovi go way back. Describing drummer Tico Torres, Jon told the crowd: “He’s been standing by my side since we were wearing diapers— back in the bars of some place called New Jersey… before most of you were born.” When a band has been playing together for this long, its safe to say they work well together. Bon Jovi clearly sounds reinvigorated by their current number one album. “Every number one feels good; it never gets old,” Jon told PEOPLE of their recent success. Their excitement showed. The band moved from song to song without missing a beat, delivering an essentially flawless performance.

5. The visuals

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

There is something utterly pure about a rock band dressed in street clothes, singing their hearts out in a small venue, utilizing simple lighting and no special effects. The music was not outdone by the visuals, yet the visuals were in no way boring. The experience felt exactly how rock music was meant to be seen. And JBJ’s dance moves, while subtle, have certainly been underrated through the years.