Starring Woody McClain as Bobby Brown, the TV movie - which was approved by the singer himself - left no stone unturned

By Emily Zauzmer
September 06, 2018 02:20 PM
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Credit: Annette Brown/BET

After BET debuted its two-part biopic The Bobby Brown Story earlier this week, fans were left buzzing about a number of shocking revelations.

Starring Woody McClain as Bobby Brown, the TV movie — which was approved by the singer himself — left no stone unturned, covering everything from Brown’s past with Janet Jackson, his infamously bumpy relationship with Whitney Houston and his prior drug use.

Below are the top takeaways from the Tuesday and Wednesday’s broadcasts.

A possible affair with Janet Jackson

The biopic suggests that Jackson cheated on then-husband René Elizondo Jr. with Brown, The Washington Post reported.

A scene shows the couple lying in bed together after a steamy romp. “I mean, we obviously got feelings for each other,” McClain, playing Brown, says to Cree David, who plays Jackson. “Are you really about to marry him and just keep me on the side?”

In another, Brown gifts Jackson a car for her birthday that she rejects. “I’ll make it up to you. I promise,” a tormented Jackson says.

Another scene chronicling the affair was cut at the last minute, Brown confirms via Twitter. The biopic filmed a scene of Brown kicking Jackson, wearing only underwear, out of his hotel room after an argument about Jackson’s marriage to James DeBarge, the New York Post‘s Page Six reported.

Charlamagne Tha God tweeted, “Nah @BET I know y’all didn’t cut Bobby throwing Janet out the hotel room naked???”

“SMH,” Brown replied. “Last minute on the cutting room floor.”

Brown previously discussed both the affair and the hotel room incident in his memoir Every Little Step, which was released in 2016. A rep for Jackson did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Fans had a lot to say about development on Twitter. “I’m still shook that Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson had relations,” one viewer tweeted.

The nature of Whitney Houston’s relationship with Robyn Crawford

The biopic implies that Houston, played by Gabrielle Dennis, was in a romantic relationship with pal Robyn Crawford, according to USA Today. In one scene, Brown and Crawford, played by Yvonne Senat Jones, get into a shouting match.

In a recent PEOPLE cover story, family and friends got candid about the true nature of the Houston and Crawford’s relationship, with some affirming that while Houston publicly dated men, the longstanding rumors that the two were romantically involved are true.

“I was 16 and we were working at summer jobs and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is really going to be a trip this summer — I don’t have any friends,” Houston said in an interview that aired in the documentary Whitney. “And then here comes Robyn with this beautiful, beautiful afro. She was tall and very statuesque and I was like, ‘Wow man.’ She stood up for me. I remember thinking I’ve known this person seems like all my life.”

Documentary director Kevin Macdonald told PEOPLE in July “that they were romantically involved.” He said, “As a teen, Whitney ran from her mother’s house into the arms of Robyn.”

“Robyn loved Whitney,” Houston’s agent Nicole David said. “She was also very young and probably not equipped to withstand the slings and arrows. Do I believe it was a sexual relationship as well? I believe it was.”

Bobby Brown’s history with drugs

Drugs make more than one appearance in the biopic, which suggests that Brown’s 2001 seizure was not due to heat but to drugs, according to TooFab.

At the time, PEOPLE reported that Houston’s rep Nancy Seltzer had said, “He hadn’t been getting enough fluid and basically he was lightheaded.”

In the biopic, Brown’s mother Carole tells Brown that she knows he is selling drugs, according to USA Today. Then Brown pipes up that Carole once sold drugs too.

In another scene, viewers see Brown detoxing from drugs while in jail.

Bobby Brown’s infidelity while married to Whitney Houston

The biopic shows Brown getting both Houston and Kim Ward pregnant during the same stretch of time, USA Today reports. Houston, who is said to suffer a miscarriage later in the film, hits Brown out of anger when she learns of Ward’s pregnancy.

In his 2016 book, Brown suggested that Houston faked the miscarriage, PEOPLE reported.

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“I’m no medical doctor, but she was not acting like a woman who was in the throes of mourning a lost baby. As a matter of fact she was back to filming just a couple days after it had happened. I never saw any evidence of her pregnancy or her miscarriage, so I started to think the entire story was a ruse created by her PR team,” Brown alleged in his book.

He added, “When I confronted her about it, she was insistent. ‘Bobby! Yes, I was pregnant!’ she said. But I didn’t believe her. To this day, I believe her pregnancy was a story that was concocted by her people to explain to the public why she would marry Bobby Brown.”

Bobby Brown’s reconnection with daughter Bobbi Kristina prior to her death

The biopic says that Brown reconnected with Bobbi Kristina, his estranged daughter with Houston, after Houston died, Essence reported. Bobbi Kristina had been planning to record music with Brown in Los Angeles before she was hospitalized and later died at age 22 after being found unresponsive in a bathtub in Atlanta.

“Our family lives with the pain every day of losing my beautiful daughter, Bobbi Kristina, to domestic violence,” Brown said in a statement obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in July.

After creating the non-profit Bobbi Kristina Serenity House, the singer is now moving forward with official plans to construct a physical building in honor of his late daughter, who died in 2015.

“She loved Atlanta and in her memory we are proud to announce the formation of the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House. Our initial goal is to help educate women and men of all ages, by creating a 24-hour crisis intervention line and emergency transitional shelter,” a statement read.