The milking lesson was payback for Jimmy Fallon treating Blake Shelton to his first taste of sushi in May

October 11, 2016 10:33 AM

Is Jimmy Fallon really this clueless about farm life — or is he milking it?

After the Tonight Show host treated Blake Shelton to his first taste of sushi in May, the 40-year-old country star returned the favor by taking Fallon to a farm in upstate New York to teach him how to milk a cow.

Fallon, 42, came dressed for the scene in a flannel shirt, overalls and a cowboy hat, but Shelton made it clear he wasn’t a fan of the attire while showing Fallon the basics of milking a cow named Oreo.

“You’re about to be touching her in a very private area, which is totally normal if you act normal about it and you don’t dress like Woody from Toy Story,” Shelton quipped.

Given the intimacy of the moment, the Oklahoma-raised crooner reminded his buddy to ease the cow into the situation.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you don’t just reach out and grab a teat,” Shelton warned when Fallon tried to go straight for the animal’s udder. “This is all about romance and finesse, so have a connection with Oreo.”

Once they mastered the technique, Fallon reached for a bowl of cereal and attempted to squirt some fresh milk directly onto his breakfast. After more instruction, and a clear sign that Oreo wasn’t having it, Fallon successfully squeezed milk into the pail.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been happy with you,” Shelton joked as he encouraged Fallon to take a shot of their freshly squeezed drink. However, the singer ditched his glass over his shoulder while Fallon struggled to keep down the “warm” milk.

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