Blake Shelton Wants Gwen Stefani Back on 'The Voice' for 'Obvious' Reasons: 'She Is Special,' Says the Singer

"As far as Gwen as a coach, there's never been a coach that represents the style of music that Gwen does," Blake Shelton gushed of girlfriend Gwen Stefani

Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage

The curtains are barely closed on season 11 of The Voice, but five-time victor Blake Shelton is already looking forward to the next one – especially because it means he’s getting his sweetheart back next to him in those big, red chairs.

The country singer opened up about girlfriend Gwen Stefani returning as a coach for season 12 of the popular reality competition series during a press conference following his protégé Sundance Head’s big win on Tuesday.

“I want Gwen to come back for obvious reasons!” Shelton, 40, told reporters. “As far as Gwen as a coach, there’s never been a coach that represents the style of music that Gwen does.”

Shelton and Stefani met on the set of The Voice, and began dating last fall after their respective divorces. Stefani, 47, sat this season out, with Miley Cyrus taking her place as a coach.

For season 12, Stefani will re-join Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys.

“I’d like to sit here and tell you that I’m a powerful guy but I have nothing to do with her coming back as a coach,” Shelton said on Tuesday. “We were high-fiving and partying.”

He added, “Obviously Gwen is special and she deserves this.”

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The star admitted, however, that he’s sad to see Cyrus go.

“Miley not being here is like not having a rainbow after rain,” Shelton told reporters. “She’s brought so much to the show.”

Luckily, the pop star will be back on board for season 13!

“At this point, I wish we could have 16 coaches,” Shelton said. “It’s unbelievable what this show does. “

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