"She says she can hear now," Shelton told Entertainment Tonight of his girlfriend

By Lindsay Kimble
May 02, 2017 01:45 PM

Gwen Stefani will be back in action tomorrow night after rupturing her eardrum last week, boyfriend Blake Shelton says.

“She’s getting better,” Stefani told Entertainment Tonight during a press junket for The Voice on Monday.

He added, “Something like that is just slow. I mean pop – blow your eardrum out — I don’t even know how that happens. But I don’t know how it heals either. But, she says she can hear now. She’ll be all right.”

Stefani, 47, was forced to pull out of a Las Vegas performance after the injury. A source told PEOPLE at the time that although Stefani sought medical attention at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, she wasn’t admitted.

Shelton, 40, told ET that Stefani’s injury happened when she boarded an airplane with a head cold. Her ear ruptured “once she got up to a certain altitude,” he explained.

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“She’s singing tomorrow,” Shelton added, referencing Tuesday’s live episode of The Voice. “She’s doing good. She’s tough.”