Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry — the documentary directed by R.J. Cutler — is now streaming on Apple TV+

The world might be a little blurry, but Billie Eilish's new Apple TV+ documentary gives a clear look into the young star's life.

The revelatory film, Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry, takes viewers into the 19-year-old star's life as she made her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? with her brother Finneas in their childhood home.

Along with Eilish getting her driver's license and her several injuries onstage, here are some takeaways from the Apple TV+ documentary directed by R.J. Cutler.

Billie went from Justin Bieber's stan to his friend

The film follows along as the musical pals' relationship blossoms — and it all started with a DM from Justin Bieber.

"How does Billie reply to his DM?" asks Eilish's mom Maggie Baird while Eilish is on the phone with Finneas.

"I don't feel comfortable saying no in any sort of way at all to him," Eilish says excitedly. "He could ask me to kill my dog and I would."

Later on in the film, Eilish freaks out as she listens to Bieber singing "Bad Guy."

"That's crazy that's his voice," Eilish says, before her mom says in tears, "She's cried over Justin Bieber's songs so much over her years and he's singing her song now."

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Then, during Ariana Grande's performance at Coachella 2019, the two officially meet. The two then hug as Eilish cries in his arms.

"I know his face. I know everything about him. He was born in St. Jude's Hospital on March 1st at 12:56 a.m. on the second floor," she says as she recounts their encounter on the drive after the show. "He came over to me and I ran away from him. He just stood there and looked at me with his eyes."

Eilish then tears up before leaning into Finneas for a hug. "I literally cried in his arms for five minutes. Every time I [sobbed], he'd feel it and squeeze me tighter," she adds.

Eilish then reads DMs between the two, where Bieber says, "Your love for me touched my heart."

"You are so special. Not for what you can do but for who you are, remember that. I'm so impressed by your aura and presence," she reads as she holds back tears. "You carry a heavy calling. You are an idol to so many. I'm excited to watch you flourish. You are beyond special. Thank you for tonight. It meant just as much to me as it meant to you."

Billie's mom almost took her to therapy because of her Bieber Fever

Eilish's mom considered taking the star to therapy due to her obsession with Bieber.

"There were days, driving her to dance class and thinking, 'How are we going to cope with this?' She's just lovesick. Desperately in love with Justin Bieber," Baird says in the movie. "We all thought he was amazing. We were never in the 'hater camp' of which for every person in the world there is."

"She couldn't process it. You could see her standing there. She couldn't take it in," Baird says about her daughter meeting Bieber. "She sobbed in his arms. He was so sweet to her and it meant so much to her. And it seemed to have meant a lot to him."

Oh, and Baird was there when — nearly a year after Eilish and Bieber met at Coachella — Bieber congratulated Eilish for her five Grammy wins in 2020 via FaceTime.

"Congrats. How are you feeling?" Bieber said. "Wasn't that amazing? How did it feel? Everything you could've imagined?"

"Completely. I can't believe it. It's insane," responded Eilish.

"I'm proud of you. You've been working for this," said Bieber before Billie says "thanks to you." Bieber replied, "Stop it!"

During the call, Finneas is changing in another room when Justin asks to say hi. Eilish and her mom call for him. "I have no pants on," says Finneas. "But it's Justin Bieber!" Eilish says with a laugh.

Billie broke up with her ex-boyfriend, whose nickname is Q

The film gives an inside look at the singer's relationship with her ex-boyfriend Q.

At the beginning, the two talk over the phone as she says, "I love you and I'm in love with you." 

Ahead of Eilish's performance at Coachella, the two have a cute moment where Q asks her to style her hair a certain way and she does. She then sings "All the Good Girls Go to Hell" to him to practice its lyrics.

After the sweet moment, the singer forgets the lyrics on stage and Eilish gets really sad for messing up, so she decides to call her boyfriend, who's attending the festival. "Can you come here?" she asks him. "Can't you see me?" She slowly gets sadder, as she says, "What do you mean, 'try?'" Eilish then hangs up the phone before throwing it on the floor.

Later in the film, her boyfriend breaks his hand after hitting a wall and Billie explains, "I'm trying to get him to go to therapy. He's so self-destructive," she tells a friend.

By the end, they're broken up.

"I just wasn't happy. I didn't want the same things he wanted and I don't think that's fair for him. I don't think you should be in a relationship super excited about things that the other person couldn't care less about," Eilish says. "I don't think that's fair to you. I don't think that's fair to him. There was just a lack of effort. I was literally like, 'Dude, you don't have enough love to love yourself so you can't love me dude. And you don't. [laughs] You think you do.'"

"I do love him though, which made it harder. I'm not over him, I didn't find someone else," she adds. "I didn't stop having love for him. I just spent time away from him for a little bit and I was like, 'Wow I'm missing so much because I'm worried about you all the time and I don't want what you want and you don't want what I want.' I don't want to fix him. I can't fix him. I tried."

Eilish then hugs her friend as she sings Tove Lo's "Glad He's Gone."

Billie didn't recognize Orlando Bloom when she met Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom is a big fan of the "Everything I Wanted" singer!

"My fiancé who doesn't listen to modern music, he'll only play you in the car all the time," Katy Perry told Eilish as they met backstage at Coachella.

Bloom then hugs Eilish and says, "I'm so proud of you."

"Congrats, I'm so proud of you," adds Perry before giving some sweet advice. "I wanted to say, this is going to be wild for 10 years. If you ever wanna talk… 'cause it's a weird ride."

After the couple leaves, Eilish asks Finneas who Bloom is before Finneas reminds her of Bloom's roles, especially his Pirates of the Caribbean role Will Turner.

"That guy?! That was him?!" she says. "No way! Bring him back. I want to meet him again. He kissed me on the cheek. I did not know that was him. I thought that was just some dude Katy Perry met."

Before Eilish hits the stage, Bloom returns and gives the singer a sweet, long hug and kiss.

"This is the universe hugging you. I'm giving you so much love and life right now," the actor tells Eilish.

Billie's mental health was 'really bad' at 14 and 15

Throughout the film, viewers get an inside look at Eilish's nonstop, rapid-fire life and the difficult aspects of celebrity. She also opens up about both her mental health and her Tourette syndrome.

"I'm really bad about taking care of my mental health," she says in an interview captured during the documentary. "I'm a person who wants to make things better for other people and do the right thing no matter what it's doing to me."

Toward the end of the film, Eilish shares a look inside a diary entry from when she was 14 or 15 years old, where she writes about cutting herself with blades.

"That blade can do so much/this tiny little blade/so much power/is in front of me/so much power in my hand," it reads. "Soon to be in my skin/but how deep do I go/ do I go until the pain/is too much/until my skin wont stop/bleeding/and I'm too hurt to touch."'

Billie Eilish Film Live Premiere Los Angeles Performance
Credit: Courtesy of Apple

The singer then opened up about the entry, revealing that she once had "razors hidden in places."

"I had Band-Aids hidden in the corner of my room. I always had Band-Aidson my wrists," she says as the camera pans on her writing. "I was literally locking myself in the bathroom and making myself bleed because I thought I deserved it."

As for her Tourette's, there's a scene where she has an intense, uncontrollable tic attack after being really tired and stressed.

"I've done some crazy s— because of my Tourette's. I broke a f—ing glass once in my mouth, because I have one where I'll bite really hard just because my brain is like 'do it,'" she said.

Billie Eilish Film 'The World's A Little Blurry' Poster
Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry is out now on Apple TV+.