Kelly Clarkson Reveals Which 'Handsome' 'Game of Thrones' Actor Made Her Starstruck

Kelly Clarkson is gearing up to host the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, which air live from Las Vegas on Wednesday

Kelly Clarkson never fails to give us reasons why she’s so relatable, and now she’s providing yet another: she’s a Game of Thrones fan.

The singer — who is gearing up to host the Billboard Music Awards for her second year in a row on Wednesday — tells PEOPLE that a recent run-in with actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who has played Jaime Lannister on the fantasy series since 2011, had her a bit starstruck.

“I was like, ‘What!'” Clarkson says of meeting Coster-Waldau. “I was very excited. He’s so handsome!”

Clarkson famously freaked out when she met Meryl Streep on the Golden Globes red carpet back in January 2018, but she says that kind of reaction is generally an exception.

“I know everyone references the Meryl moment, but she’s the only one I’m crazy for,” she explains. “I don’t generally freak out — I just get excited.”

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Clarkson’s genuine excitement about meeting other artists is clear — and that’s what makes her the perfect fit as host of the BBMAs.

“I genuinely love music, and I love artists,” she says. “I think a lot of people feel like they maybe have to play a role in that scenario, but I don’t. I am a super big fan of a lot of people.”

Kelly Clarkson. Courtesy NBC Entertainment

Last year, Clarkson opened the show by performing a medley of hits from the nominated artists. This year, she plans on doing something “similar.”

“People seemed to like it last year,” she says. “I didn’t want to do the exact same thing, but we’re doing something similar. It will be musical.”

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Clarkson credits the way her career started as American Idol‘s first winner in 2002 for making her comfortable with doing hosting gigs like this.

“Because my whole career started on live, national television, I think I have an odd sense of being comfortable in that environment,” she says, before jokingly adding, “That probably says something psychologically about me, but I think because of how I came in the industry nothing really throws me, generally. I should really knock on some wood.”

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Between hosting the BBMAs, coaching her team on The Voice and preparing to host her new talk show premiering on NBC in September, it’s going to be a busy next few months for Clarkson. Luckily, though, she says she’ll get some time off to spend with her family in June and July.

“My family and my husband’s family are all getting together and staying on this ranch and hanging out,” she says. “I don’t take a break unless I’m removed from my dwelling. I will find things to do in my house all day and night. I kind of have to remove myself, but we’re taking a little break because we haven’t had one.”

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Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock, 42, recently made Los Angeles their home base due to work commitments, and she says their kids — daughter River Rose, 4, and son Remington Alexander, 3, as well as Blackstock’s daughter, Savannah, 17, and son, Seth, 12, from his previous marriage — are loving it.

“The kids love it because Disneyland is here,” she says. “I want my kids’ lives, it’s so fun. They’re always doing crafts with people and fun stuff. It’s like the best childhood ever. That’s why I have a zero-tolerance policy for complaining. I’m like, ‘Read a book. Get over it. I don’t care if you’re bored.'”

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Kelly Clarkson, Brandon Blackstock, Savannah Blackstock, River Rose Blackstock, Remington Alexander Blackstock, and Seth Blackstock.

When it comes to the kids’ latest milestones, Clarkson says she’s just in awe of how fast they’re all growing.

“My daughter, our youngest, just lost her first tooth,” she says. “So we had the first visit from the tooth fairy which is very exciting. Our youngest just turned 3 a couple weeks ago. I know it’s such a cliché statement, but they grow so fast.”

“Our eldest is about to be 18,” she continues. “What?! Technically, if bad decisions are made, I can be a grandma. We don’t want those bad decisions to be made, but I’m like, ‘I could be a 37-year-old grandma’ — that better not happen.”

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards are broadcasting live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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