Bill Bellamy Clarifies '90s Janet Jackson Rumors: 'There Was an Attraction' but They 'Never Dated'

"There was an attraction, I'll be honest with you," he says on PEOPLE in the '90s

bill bellamy and janet jackson
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Janet and Bill: the fling that never was!

Speaking on the latest episode of PEOPLE's PEOPLE in the '90s podcast this week, Bill Bellamy clears up some of the rumors about his relationship with Janet Jackson as he admits there was a bit of a spark between the two.

"You have no idea how huge Janet Jackson was in this span of 10 years. And so I am in awe of this stuff, right," the former MTV VJ, 56, tells hosts Jason Sheeler and Andrea Lavinthal. "And I couldn't believe that she was a fan of me, but it came out awkwardly. Everybody used to be like, 'What's going on with Janet and Bill?' People was doing this when they was watching TV."

"There was an attraction, I'll be honest with you," he adds. "There was something. There was something going on. It was weird because it was like she was shy about it but [showed in] her flirty ways that she dug me more than just a little. It was crazy."

Bellamy continues by saying that Jackson, 55, would sometimes call him and invite him out.

"She booty called me," he adds, jokingly. "We never dated. We just skirted around it. We were like cats that just purred around each other."

Bellamy interviewed Jackson multiple times on MTV — which just celebrated its 40th anniversary — where the two often showed much chemistry onscreen.

Speaking of "booty calls," Bellamy — who served as a host on MTV during its iconic era in the '90s — also shared on the podcast that he wishes he had trademarked the term.

"At the time I wasn't thinking of it like that," said Bellamy. "I was just thinking of my joke. I didn't realize the phrase would catch on to become, like you said, a normal word that people know what it is now. Booty call was just a clever way to say you're trying to get a girl to come by."

He continued, "But who knew that everybody was going to lock in on it? I probably right now would be on a spaceship if I trademarked it."

"I mean, I'd be out there with Elon Musk somewhere," Bellamy joked.

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