Big Time Rush Reunites for 'Comeback of Epic Proportions' 7 Years After Disbanding: 'We Are Back!'

"Let's make up for lost time," the group wrote on Twitter announcing performances in Chicago and New York in December

Big Time Rush
Photo: Big Time Rush/Twitter

You gotta live it big time!

On Monday, Big Time Rush — the pop boy band formed on the Nickelodeon sitcom of the same name — announced that it is reuniting on stage for the first time since their final Live World Tour in 2014!

The announcement comes more than a year after the group — comprising Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Peña Vega and Logan Henderson — reunited virtually at the start of the pandemic, before releasing an acoustic version of their song "Worldwide" last June.

"WE ARE BACK!" the group's account announced on Twitter along with a silly video with all four members. "It's been a minute, but we couldn't be more excited to see you! Let's make up for lost time."

The group announced shows at the Chicago Theater in Chicago and Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City this December.

In the video, a dramatic voiceover checks in on each member as it announces that "the people of the world are ready for a comeback of epic proportions."

Stopped in the woods is Schmidt, who talks back to the voiceover, "Whoever you are, that's a character I played on a television show years ago."

Then, the voiceover visits James, who, fittingly, is in an undershirt making fixes to his car's engine. "Man, after all these years, he still looks good," the voiceover says. After that, the voiceover stops at the home of Carlos, "the wild child," as he plays around with his two babies.

"Daddy, is that God?" asks one of his children.

The camera then pans to Logan (the smart one in the sitcom) who is performing surgery... well, actually he's just playing Operation the board game.

"Together, these four men will once again live it big time," the voiceover says. "The show must go on. The world needs Big Time Rush."

Big Time Rush
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The clip ends with the voiceover singing the first few notes to Big Time Rush's theme song.

The 2021 reunion comes several months after the group's show were made available on Netflix in March. Over the last week, the group's members teased the eventual announcement by changing their profile pictures to a blank red dot.

The group released three albums — BTR in 2010, Elevate in 2011 and 24/Seven in 2013 — and were responsible for hits such as "Boyfriend," "Worldwide," "Til I Forget About You" and "Windows Down." The group collaborated with the likes of Jordin Sparks, Snoop Dogg and Jake Miller.

The group's show, on which they were all selected to form a boy band by a fictional producer, ran from 2009 to 2013.

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