Bharti Shahani, 22, on a Ventilator and Declared Brain Dead from Injury at Astroworld Festival

The Texas student was separated from her sister and cousin during the crowd surge at the music festival

Bharti Shahani, a 22-year-old Texas A&M University senior, has been declared brain dead following an injury she suffered in the Astroworld Festival crowd surge that killed at least eight people over the weekend, her family confirmed to ABC 13 Houston.

Bharti is currently on a ventilator, and her family told the outlet on Tuesday that they are meeting to determine what to do next.

According to the outlet, Bharti, her sister Namrata Shahani and cousin Mohit Bellani attended the concert together, but lost each other when the crowd surged. Namrata and Bellani both lost their cell phones and couldn't find Bharti.

"Once we let go of her hand, the next time we saw her, we were in the ER," Namrata said.

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Bharti was taken to Houston Methodist Hospital by an ambulance and she was given CPR on the way there. Her family tells the outlet she had suffered multiple heart attacks.

Bharti Shahani
Bharti Shahani. gofundme

When her parents learned the news, they rushed to multiple area hospitals before finding Bharti.

"The doctors, they say the chances of survival are nothing, which I have not even spoken to my wife until now. We keep saying we'll pray," her father, Sunny Shahani, told ABC. "I request all of Houston to pray for her. Maybe the prayers might work as a miracle for her."

PEOPLE has reached to Namrata Shahani, who set up the GoFundMe for her sister, for comment.

Travis Scott performs during 2021 Astroworld Festival
Travis Scott performs during 2021 Astroworld Festival. Erika Goldring/WireImage

Several young people are among the victims of the tragic event, including 9-year-old Ezra Blount who is in a medically-induced coma after falling from his dad's shoulders and being trampled.

Jacob Jurinek, 21; John Hilgert, 14; Brianna Rodriguez, 16; Franco Patiño, 21; Axel Acosta, 21; Rudy Peña, 23; Madison Dubiski, 23; and Danish Baig, 27, have been identified as those who died Friday when fans in the crowd of about 50,000 began to rush the stage where Travis Scott was performing.

In a statement shared on Saturday, Scott said he was "absolutely devastated" by the events that took place, and announced on Monday that he will pay for the funeral costs of those who died, Variety reported.

Families of the dead and injured are desperate for answers as to how such chaos unfolded — and Bellani said that he hopes an incident such as this never happens again.

"I want people to understand what we experienced and to make sure nothing like this ever, ever happens to anyone ever again," Bellani said.

Houston Police Cihef Troy Finner has said an investigation is ongoing.

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