Pop Star Betty Who Talks New Music, Working with the 'Queer Eye' Guys and Wedding Plans

The Aussie pop star dropped her new EP, Betty, Pt. 1, Friday

Betty’s back!

Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who released her latest EP, Betty, Pt. 1, on Friday, and it’s a near-perfect set of pop bops.

“This Friday will be my first EP in five years, and this EP feels like a re-introduction, not just to my fans but in a lot of ways for myself,” the 26-year-old star (real name: Jessica Anne Newham) wrote of the collection on Instagram. “A lot has changed in the last year, and I felt like it was time to start fresh and to re-claim my name.”

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PEOPLE caught up with Betty — who last year got engaged to photographer Zak Cassar — ahead of the EP’s release. Here’s what she had to say about her sonic evolution, teaming up with the Fab Five — and how her wedding plans are coming along.

How did this EP come together? What did you want to say with it?

It actually came together pretty quickly, I felt like I was very inspired while I was writing it. It’s a compilation of songs that are all very different from each other and that was really important to me, to be able to stretch my wings sonically and try some new things.

You wrote on Instagram that this project is a reintroduction. Who are you today?

You could pay me a million dollars to answer that question and I couldn’t give you a good answer. I’m still figuring out who I am every day. Don’t know if I’ll ever figure it out actually.

You recorded the Queer Eye theme song and shot a music video with the Fab Five: How did you get involved? Which of the guys did you bond with the most?

Netflix reached out and asked me to do the song; I didn’t realize at the time I would get to make a music video for it with them. It was honestly one of the most fun days of my life. I bonded with all of them, but I did have a moment with Tan [France] after he stole one of my corsets from wardrobe! It looked better on him so it was fine.

It’s Pride Month! What do your LGBTQ fans mean to you?

They mean more to me than I could possibly express with words. They make up so much of my fan base and I have learned more from the honesty and authenticity shown by my fans than from anybody else in my life.

Congrats on your engagement! How is the wedding planning going?

Thank you!!! It is only just beginning, I’ve been so busy this year so far so I start officially this summer when I get home from tour. Wish me luck!

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