The 19-year-old actress says she has more new music on the way

July 19, 2017 06:25 PM

For Bella Thorne, acting will always be her first love, but live concerts could takeover as her new artistic preference.

“There’s nothing like being on stage,” she told PEOPLE. “Just bringing people together and them feeling the emotion you had when you were writing it — it’s really powerful. Only music can really do that.”

Thorne, 19, was thrust into the spotlight in 2010, starring alongside Zendaya in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. A few weeks ago, she released her first new song in three years, a duet with rising DJ Prince Fox titled “Just Call.”

“Fans love the song and think it is so relatable for them and it really works,” Thorne says. “There’s always that person who you want to call you or not call you; either way you’re still thinking about maybe talking to them, and that’s a big thing for a lot of the people in the world.”

Thorne, who will also star in the much-delayed horror sequel Amityville: The Awakening with Jennifer Jason Leigh, said she was looking to step back into music for a while before “Just Call” fell in her lap. The collaboration actually resulted from a chance encounter at a party between Thorne and Prince Fox (whose real name is Sam Lassner).

“I had just finished it when I met her for the first or second time,” Lassner says. “I thought she had a super cool voice for the song. It just happened really organically.”

Adds Thorne: “We hit it off, he sent me a track … and I was like, ‘I’m down, let’s record it.'”

She says “Just Call” stood out because it was “two levels up” from her old material — and an opportunity to introduce the world to a new side of her abilities.

“It was the perfect song for me to get back into it, just with vocal range and the type of style of song it is,” Thorne says. “It’s good in the way that I’m easing my fan base into, ‘Look, I can do this [too].'”

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Thorne says she has new music on the way “very, very soon,” and first up is a joint effort with dubstep producer Borgore. “It’s a funky song,” she says. “It’s definitely in ‘rage-mode,’ that’s for sure!” The rest of her upcoming music will have pop, dance and rock influences, according to Thorne, who says she has “different types of vibes for everything” she does.

On the Freeform drama Famous In Love, Thorne portrays a Hollywood newcomer adapting to the modern world of stardom. Having grown up in the industry, she says the negative aspects of being a celebrity no longer phase her.

“Obviously it’s annoying that I can’t ever even step out of my literal house … without photos being taken of me,” Thorne says. “It is kinda the job I signed up for. I’ve gotten pretty f—ing used to it now — I’m not shocked by anything.”

Most recent headlines about Thorne come paired with Scott Disick‘s name. Since May, she’s been spotted on luxurious dates with the 34-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Thorne played it coy when asked if she is still seeing Disick, saying only, “I give you no scoop.” In an interview with PEOPLE Now, she did say she is on good terms with him.

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Current relationship status aside, Thorne is enjoying her journey back into music, celebrating “Just Call” along with Lassner. “I’m super grateful,” Lassner said. “I’m really stoked on life right now and it’s all really thanks to this song and everybody.”

Both artists described the recording process together as smooth sailing  — “All good vibes,” as Lassner puts it — and they are even raring to do another team-up. Says Thorne, “We just were talking about how we needed to already get started on our new song.”

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