December 16, 2016 07:30 AM

The new promo for season 12 of The Voice may be out, but the behind-the-scenes footage shows the depth of the familial bonds that run through the judges.

In an exclusive look at the making of the trailer, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys, as well as returning coach Gwen Stefani, show what living under one roof with multiple stars is really like.

The home away from home theme set in the backdrop of multiple popular sitcom shows proves to be “a very good metaphor for The Voice family,” Levine says.

“We are like brothers and sisters up in here,” Keys says. “I think it does really set up the vibe and energy of the season.”

When asked what show a sitcom of The Voice would take after, Shelton says, “Maybe something like Three’s Company, something like that. Adam would be the grumpy, old landlord and I would be the guy living with two girls,” before cracking up with laughter.

Levine has a different take. “More like Family Matters. I’d be Carl Winslow and Blake would be Steve Urkel,” he joked.

Keys elaborated on the chemistry among season 12’s judges, saying the experience was “really adorable.”

“We’re all just acting crazy and being silly, like we normally do,” she added.

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