Becky G Says Demi Lovato Taught Her 'It's OK Not to Have All the Answers' as She Hosts Them on Talk Show

"To be able to tell them how significant they are to my life, not just like in my career, but personally was such a special moment," Becky G tells PEOPLE ahead of Face to Face's first episode

Becky G's 2021 has been filled with full circle moments: She just collaborated with one of her biggest inspirations Christina Aguilera on "Pa Mis Muchachas" and launched her own makeup line Treslúce years after being a CoverGirl.

And now, she's interviewing Demi Lovato after being "an opening act of an opening act of an opening act" when she was a mere 15-year-old. PEOPLE catches up with the Mexican-American songstress, 24, about her upcoming Face to Face with Becky G talk show on Facebook Watch and what it was like to reconnect with Lovato.

"Throughout the pandemic, I had so much time to really think about out what it is that I love about what I do. I realized that it was bigger than just the music," Becky says as PEOPLE premieres the show's trailer. "It was bigger than just the acting gig. It was bigger than just the performances. It was connection. I love connection."

On the show's debut episode, set to release on Nov. 9, the singer rekindles a sweet, personal connection with Lovato, 29, as they have "honest, transparent conversations" about gender identity, sexuality and the power of meditation.

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Face to Face with Becky G. facebook watch

"Having Demi on the show was so special for me. To be able to tell them face to face how significant they are to my life, not just like in my career, but personally, it was just such a special moment," Becky says. "I'm just so thankful that they were so down for the cause with such a busy schedule too. I mean, they're literally killing it."

"Looking back at what young Becky was doing then and what she thought laid ahead of her, I think things have played out a lot differently than I probably would've imagined," Becky adds, referring to opening for Lovato on their 2014 Demi World Tour. "But not in a bad way, maybe in the best way."

During the episode, both Lovato and Becky opened up about their own mental health and how they've attempted to find healing.

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"I've learned from Demi that it's okay to not have all the answers. We both had to grow up very quickly. Personally, there's things within our lives that we really bond over," she says. "Then, on the industry side, to grow up in an industry in front of the whole world, under a microscope, them more than me, obviously they're Demi Lovato, like hello, but that pressure I think a lot of people can relate to nowadays, with social media."

Teasing the new show, Becky shared that she looks forward to having artists like Diego Boneta, Rome Flynn and her "twin" Isabela Merced.

"It was the first time we were actually like meeting meeting, like hanging out. It was almost like looking into a mirror because I know a lot of people say we look alike, but she's also just so mature," says Becky. "You could tell that life hasn't dealt her the easiest cards."

The first episode of Becky G's new talk show Face to Face with Becky G on Facebook Watch is set to drop on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

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