Becky G Says Her Boyfriend Sebastian Lletget Is 'Totally Embraced' by Her Family: 'It's Really Sweet'

Ahead of her cosmetic line Treslúce's collab with BoxyCharm, Becky G speaks to PEOPLE about her Latinx identity and how she and Lletget "better ourselves" through learning

Becky G
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Becky G and Sebastian Lletget are going five years strong!

Speaking to PEOPLE at BoxyCharm's Mercadito de Colores celebrating the brand's collaboration with the Mexican-American singer's cosmetic line Treslúce, Becky G, 24, opens up about the "really sweet" relationship her boyfriend has with her family and why her cosmetic line aims to empower Latinx people like herself.

Speaking of her boyfriend Lletget, 29, who plays for the LA Galaxy and is of Argentinian descent, Becky says the two often have conversations about their Latinx identity and that it's always sweet to see the connection he's built with her family.

"He can communicate with my abuelitos. It's cute. It's really sweet," she says. "It's just a different connection, I think, when someone does relate to your culture. But even then, within the Latinx community, there's so many differences."

"Culturally speaking, there's so much that we take away from one another, and learn from one another. He's an honorary Mexican at this point," she adds with a laugh. "He really is. He's totally embraced by my family, for sure."

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget
Sebastian Lletget and Becky G. Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

But his "honorary Mexican status" might be put on pause when Lletget, who plays for the U.S. National Soccer Team, faces off against Mexico! (The two teams faced off in the Gold Cup this summer. Spoiler alert: the U.S. beat Mexico 1-0 in extra time.)

"I was like, 'I'm rooting for you, just not USA. I want you to win. But I will be sad if Mexico loses!'" she says with a laugh. "And that's a real thing that I think a lot of our youth experiences, especially mexicanos because we're neighbors. We were Mexico here in LA. This was Mexico. So we identify as Mexican."

"I grew up rooting for Mexico. I was never rooting for USA," she adds. "Then my man started playing, I was like, 'I guess. Maybe.'"

It's that intersection and overlap of cultures that set Becky G — and her makeup line — apart. As she rose to fame with hits like "Shower," she was often criticized by Mexican media for not speaking Spanish perfectly and wasn't embraced by American media for being too Mexican, she says.

"It's this bridge that we're building, and every brick counts. It does come with a lot of hardship. I'd be lying, there were a lot of identity crises involved with it in the beginning of my career, where I was like, 'Okay, I'm either too Mexican for the Americans and too American for the Mexicans,'" she says candidly. "'I can't be in the middle, this is exhausting. How do I manage?'"

"I think it was just learning that we have to create a world of our own, where we can be the 200%. It's the new American," she adds. "To be Spanglish-speaking, that's how I think, that's how I dream. I have dreams in Spanish, I have dreams in English. I don't really know how fair it is to look at our youth and say, 'You have to decide,' when we identify with both."

And it's something she says is crucial to the mission of Treslúce, which she utilizes to highlight fellow Latinx creators and also share her culture with people outside of the community. (The cosmetic brand is available in the BoxyCharm October base box for $25.)

"Creating Treslúce, to me, was more of a commitment to the community, and being a vessel for other Latinx creators, and artists, whether it be through makeup, or actual art," Becky G says. "I like to think of Tresluce, as an open invitation to those outside of our community as well. To learn more about us, in an authentic way that's not stereotypical, that's not so specific."

Becky G makeup
Backy G. Michele Andersen

"Growing up as a young Latina, there were a lot of gender roles put on what a woman is supposed to be, and what she's supposed to look like, and talk like," she adds. "And so we're all just coming together to break those boxes. And I think that that's so powerful."

Before Tresluce, Becky G was no stranger to the cosmetic world, having been a CoverGirl at a young age. That collaboration she describes as a "huge learning curve" but also "one of the biggest blessings." She also did a collaboration with ColourPop before starting her own brand.

"I didn't just want to be the Latina face for a company to use, to check their box of diversity," she says. "I wanted to show that we deserve to be owners and creators, and have our hands on the backside of things, just as much as we are the face of things."

Becky G's Treslúce brand is now available in the BoxyCharm October base box for $25.

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