Becky G Mourns Death of Her Grandpa Miguel: 'I'm Blessed and Thankful' for the 'Sacrifices You Made'

"It all started when my grandpa crossed over," Becky G raps on "Becky from the Block." "Now one day I'ma be a crossover"

Becky G
Photo: Becky G/Instagram. Inset: Alexander Tamargo/Getty

Becky G is mourning the man who started it all for her and her family.

On Monday, the Mexican-American songstress (born Rebecca Gomez) shared a tear-jerking post in Spanish mourning her grandfather Miguel, who immigrated to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico to provide a future for their family.

"Oh, how I'm going to miss you, my old man," the 24-year-old started. "Although it f—ing hurts that I will never be able to hug you again, I know that God has welcomed you with open arms and that your spirit is more present than ever."

"Thanks for visiting me in my dream: I felt you, I heard you and I agree with you papi. I'm blessed and thankful for all of the experiences and memories that I have with you," she continued. "It's for you, my grandparents, that I am who I am and I'm so thankful for what you've taught me, what you've done and sacrificed for your family."

Ending the post in English, she added: "I'll keep making you proud."

Becky G has been open about the impact that her grandpa has had on her career and life, even rapping about his sacrifices on "Becky from the Block," a track inspired by J.Lo's hit.

"My family lived in my grandpa's garage/So I started working just to help out my pops," she raps on the track. "It all started when my grandpa crossed over/Now one day I'm a be a crossover."

On her Instagram Story, Becky also reposted a 2015 video of when she had to say "goodbye" to her grandparents.

In 2016, she spoke to Rolling Stone about Miguel's struggles while crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in search of the American Dream, explaining that he was "nearly choked" by fumes while he was stowed in a truck.

"The American dream of my grandparents … was just wanting a better life for their families, a better education, better job opportunities, a safer way of living," Gomez said in 2016.

"Me being second-generation American, knowing that so much sacrifice has got into me being able to just go to school, or being able to walk out and not have to worry about being deported somewhere. Little things like that, it's so easy to live days without thinking about it," Becky added. "The immigration system can be bettered, or made a bit more efficient, or more effective for more people. All these things factor into why I'm voting."

Becky G
Becky G. Alexander Tamargo/Getty

She also shared a sweet essay with PopSugar about her grandparents and her Latina heritage.

"For my Mexican grandparents, the American dream began with a need for a better life, better education, and better job opportunities for their loved ones," she wrote then. "For some, like my grandpa Miguel, it also means leaving family behind for a while to secure a life and home of their own."

"My dream was always to be an entertainer and entrepreneur, to travel and share my passion with the world, to make something of myself and for my family," she added at the time. "Now, when I walk on a stage, onto a set, or even sit down to do an interview, I think of them. I know they're watching. To have their support means the world, because if it weren't for their bravery, I would not be where I am today."

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