Bebe Rexha Says 'My Family Loves' New Boyfriend Keyan Safyari: 'I Think This Is a Good One'

"I have a very wonderful man in my life right now," admits the popstar

Bebe Rexha
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If it's "Meant to Be," it'll be. Right, Bebe Rexha?

The "Baby, I'm Jealous" singer, 31, is loving life with her new boyfriend Keyan Safyari, whom she started dating earlier this year — and her family loves him too!

"We like this guy. I think this is a good one. He's a very good one," she told Entertainment Tonight. "This guy is special. He's loving, he takes care of me, he's understanding of my career and what I do. My family loves him."

"He's just honestly an amazing person, and he makes me happy! It just feels right," she added.

Rexha said Safyari has been the perfect companion during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I wasn't lonely during quarantine," she said. "I have a very wonderful man in my life right now and he's so amazing. I'm very grateful for him and I'm just enjoying my life and seeing where it goes."

Bebe Rexha Confirms Her New Relationship With a Kiss as She Gets a New Ferrari Delivered to Her Home in Los Angeles.
Bebe Rexha. The Image Direct

Last month the Albanian-American star was spotted kissing her filmmaker beau in Los Angeles after gifting him a Ferrari for his boyfriend. The two were first spotted together in March.

This is Rexha's first public romance in years. She also talked to ET about why she's mostly kept Safyari private on social media.

"Unless I have a ring on my finger, you ain't getting a grid post, and that's the truth!" she joked.

"I have a love-hate relationship with social media," Rexha said. "I love it because I can talk to my fans and see what's up with them, but then you see things you don't wanna see."

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"Mean comments, or when you go into a rabbit hole, becoming like Inspector Gadget and seeing things you don't wanna see, especially when you're in a relationship," she added.

Rexha explained that during a previous relationship, she did "the crazy girlfriend deep dive" and saw things she didn't like.

"It's tough in relationships to be on social media ... other females, you get them in your head and you get a little insecure," she said. "I just saw likes and messages and comments, and I was like, 'Ugh, why? What don't I have that she has?' Like, this guy that I'm dating, why is he flirting with her?"

And her comments about social media fit in with the message behind her new song alongside Doja Cat, "Baby I'm Jealous."

"I love songs that make you feel good but actually say something. I was like, 'I can't be the only one that feels this way,'" she shared. "And I think what makes this song empowering is the fact that I was able to be like, 'Yeah, I get jealous.' We all get jealous sometimes, and I don't love being jealous, but this is part of human nature."

The star also shared some kind words for the "Say So" rapper.

"She really wanted to make the video great, really wanted to make the song great," she told the outlet. "She's just excited and wants to create and she's just like a pleasant person to be around. It just felt right [to have her] and I was so happy with what she did with the song. It's amazing!"

In the video — featuring makeup guru Nikita Dragun and TikTok stars Charli D'Amelio and Avani — the group of friends have Chinese food and discuss Rexha's jealousy.

She asks her phone to send a text to her boyfriend asking, "Why are you being so shady?" before adding, "Sometimes I'm so over social media, like can we go back in time to the 1800s? I bet the girls back then didn't have to deal with any of this."

The video follows Doja Cat and Rexha as they time travel thanks to a magic fortune cookie (à la 13 Going on 30). The clip also makes reference to Doja Cat's drama earlier this year when she was "canceled" for participating in seemingly racist chat groups in her past.

"Girlfriend, you'd be sharing your bed faster than you could get canceled on Twitter," says Dragun, after Rexha suggests that growing up in the 1960s would be "a lot easier."

"S---, she has a point," Doja Cat responds after opening her eyes wide.

"Baby I'm Jealous" is out now.

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