Bebe Rexha Kisses New Boyfriend Filmmaker Keyan Safyari as She Gifts Her 'Baby' a New Car

The couple were first spotted together in March when they were pictured holding holds during an outing in L.A.

Bebe Rexha
Keyan Safyari and Bebe Rexha. Photo: The Image Direct

Bebe Rexha has a new partner in her life.

The singer, 31, was kissing filmmaker Keyan Safyari on Thursday in Los Angeles. Rexha, who was dressed casually in a grey shirt and snakeskin print leggings, leaned in to give her boyfriend a smooch after a brand new Ferrari was delivered to her home for his birthday.

She later shared a photo of the couple kissing on the new black luxury vehicle. "Happy birthday baby," Rexha wrote on her IG Story, though she covered his face with a heart emoji.

The pair were first spotted together in March when they were pictured holding hands during an outing in L.A.

A rep for Rexha did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha and Keyan Safyari. Bebe Rexha/Instagram

Safyari appears to be Rexha's first public romance in years.

In 2017, she told U.K. radio show Kiss FM that her last relationship was in 2015. "I haven't had a boyfriend since. I'm an old school romantic. I don't like to just like throw my heart around or my anything else," she said.

Then in 2019, Rexha said she does not identify as straight.

"I think I scare men. I feel like everyone's scared of me, guys and girls. Because I like to say things, and they're scared I'm going to say something about them. Sometimes I get nervous, and I say stupid things. I'll come off really hard," she told Nylon in March 2019. "Guys especially, they can't handle me. I break every guy."

And in May 2019, Rexha told Health: "I try to keep one thing personal to me. But I consider myself fluid. Until I find 'the one,' I can't just say what I am. I just want to find someone I love and who loves me — and I don't care if that's a boy or a girl."

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