It's her first music video from her Chapter Two: Red EP collection

By Nicole Sands
June 29, 2017 10:00 AM

The first of many!

Bea Miller released the first music video from her Chapter Two: Red EP collection on Thursday for her tune “Like That.”

“I wrote ‘Like That’ on the day when I woke up and thought, ‘I’m done feeling sorry for myself and I’m done letting other people bring me to a point where I think I should,'” Miller, 18, tells PEOPLE about her inspiration behind the track. “I remember feeling so angry that I had been so sad for so long and literally forced myself to get over it and be a stronger and happier person. It’s difficult, but it’s doable.”

As part of her year-long album project, Miller says she chose “Like That” as the first song to release a music video for simply because it’s the first track on her Chapter Two: Red EP.

“I’m rolling my music out throughout the year in four different collections and I wanted it all to be very cohesive,” the former X-Factor contestant says about putting out a new collection every three to four months until the release of her second studio album, called TBC, in November. “I’m also doing a music video for every song I’m releasing.”

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And her reason behind adopting this very unique album release strategy is all attributed to the fact that, as she says, “People aren’t listening to music the way they used to.”

“When you give someone 12 songs at once it’s hard to get them to listen to the full thing and really enjoy each song, [so] with my rollout I’m kind of tricking people,” she adds.

Miller released her debut studio album, Not An Apology, in 2015 and since then has been releasing a series of color-coded EPs: Chapter One: Blue, Chapter Two: Red and the upcoming Chapter Three: Yellow.

“I see music in color and Chapter One: Blue is a collection of all of the songs I see blue when I’m listening to them – these songs tend to have more of a sad theme,” she says of the inspiration behind the EP titles. “Chapter Two: Red brings more of an empowering feeling. It also includes two of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, so I love it!”

As if new music isn’t exciting enough, Miller is also gearing up to take the stage at the star-studded Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival Aug. 19-20 in Long Island alongside some top performers she’s looked up to since day one of her career.

“[I’m] so excited! I’m performing on the same stage as some of the people I’ve looked up to when I was younger so that’s pretty awesome!” she says about performing alongside the likes of Demi Lovato, Big Sean, Camila Cabello and DJ Khaled.