Bazzi Says He Feels a 'Weight Lifted Off His Chest' Having Released 'Will It Ever Feel the Same?'

"Will It Ever Feel the Same?" follows Bazzi's 2021 TikTok viral song "I Like That"

Bazzi's new breakup ballad is sure to strike a chord.

On Friday, the "Mine" singer dropped his latest single "Will It Ever Feel the Same?" with an accompanying music video where he taps into his vulnerable side.

"Putting out 'Will It Ever Feel the Same?' is one of the most important things I've done in my career so far. I made the song a year and a half ago, when all the emotion was pure and raw, and putting it out today is interesting because a lot of the emotions have changed," the 24-year-old "Paradise" singer tells PEOPLE.

Bazzi (real name Andrew Bazzi) continues, "But I realize the responsibility of telling the truth for somebody who might need it. This song is the most personal I've maybe ever written, and giving it to everybody feels like lifting a huge weight off of my back. I'm so excited to keep sharing more music and telling more of my story."

Bazzi. Alana O'Herlihy

In the music video, Bazzi's somber lyrics come to life. It opens with a brief and bright love montage between himself and his love interest — before it takes a sharp turn and the camera pans to Bazzi alone in a dark room, reflecting on a lost relationship.

Throughout the video, Bazzi is seen in distress as he copes with a difficult breakup, asking himself the difficult questions one does when coming out of a relationship — "When you're with somebody else, are you thinking of me?"

"Does the feeling of touching you, f---ing you ever go away?/So, I'm sitting next to this new girl and it just don't feel the same," he sings.

Following the song's release, the singer shared his excitement on social media.

"The music video for WIEFTS is out now❤️‍🔥🌻👾," he wrote on Instagram alongside a clip of the video. "This is my favorite video I've done so far. If you want to see something pretty click the link in my Bio. Made with the great @bradleyjcalder ! Staring @lvdiv | Hope you all love like I do X."

"Will It Ever Feel the Same?" Cover Art. Atlantic Records

"Will It Ever Feel the Same?" is Bazzi's first release since his 2021 TikTok viral song "I Like That" and his 2019 mixtape Soul Searching, which earned the singer two platinum-certified singles "I.F.L.Y." and "Paradise."

In September, Bazzi spoke to FLAUNT about his writing process, his music's success and his personal growth through the pandemic after revealing in 2020 that he let a "drug problem get out of hand," but he was working toward a fresh start.

"We're all forced to evolve in our own ways during the last year and a half. The pandemic was a rough time for everybody," he told the outlet. "Anytime things are bad, you're given a real serious chance to grow and to learn. I did a lot of that in that time. Just learning more, even outside of music and my career. What's really important to me is being a human being."

"Will It Ever Feel the Same?" is out now.

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