Bad Bunny to Face Off Against The Miz at WrestleMania 2021: 'I Accept Your Challenge, Bitch!'

The reggaetón great will be going from the stage to the ring later this year

Bad Bunny the wrestler?

Reggaetón great Bad Bunny will be going from the stage to the ring later this year at WrestleMania 2021 as he faces off against The Miz.

On Monday night, the wrestler announced the music video for "Hey Hey, Hop Hop," a diss track dedicated to the reggaetón star, who tackled him in the ring earlier in the year. He also officially challenged Bad Bunny, 27, to a showdown.

"After this diss track, his music career will be over faster than Vanilla Ice's is. You may be on top of the musical world, but this is our domain," The Miz said. "I'll be sure WrestleMania becomes your living nightmare because I'm challenging you, Bad Bunny, at Wrestlemania."

"I will not just end your music career. I will end your career. Period," the 40-year-old wrestler added.

Flashing back to the singer's appearance on Monday Night Raw, Bad Bunny shared the news with his followers by posting a clip to his appearance at Raw when he broke a chair on The Miz's back.

"I accept your challenge, bitch. I will see you at WrestleMania," the musician says as he walks out of the ring.

"CONMIGO NO!!!!! NOS VEMOS EN WRESTLEMANIA✌🏻," he wrote on Instagram. "Not with me!!!!! See you at Wrestlemania."

This isn't Bad Bunny's first appearance at a WWE event. He also performed his track "Booker T" at Royal Rumble at the end of January. He also appeared on Monday Night Raw then and hit wrestler John Morrison with a mic.

Bad Bunny's WrestleMania debut is scheduled for April 10 and is set to stream on Peacock and The WWE Network.

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