Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Debut New Song 'Paris' on Their Reality Show: Listen Here

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson have teamed up on a new reality show, and they're throwing some music into the mix, too

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Ross have teamed up on a new E! reality show, and they’re throwing some music into the mix, too.

The pair premiered their new song “Paris” on Sunday night’s episode of Ashlee + Evan — although they arrived at the decision to release the track after some serious debate. While Ross, 30, wanted to drop the song to “get a vibe,” Simpson Ross, 33, began to get cold feet.

“That’s not how I want to put our first song out after like, this many years,” she told her husband — the son of music icon Diana Ross — during the episode. “You’ve never done this before. I have. And if you make a mistake or whatever… I’ve had albums out and you make a stupid mistake or you do something like that and you can never f—ing take that back.”

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Simpson appeared to be alluding to her notorious lip-syncing incident that occurred during a 2004 episode of Saturday Night Live — an event that left a serious mark on her then-burgeoning music career.

After getting some counsel from his father-in-law (and the “Piece of Me” singer’s former manager) Joe, Ross reached a compromise with his wife. The couple previewed the song at Ross’ Hollywood club, Warwick. “I’m not ready to like, perform tomorrow and those steps are maybe too far for me,” Simpson Ross said, “but maybe we like, play our music or something.”

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The mother of two (son Bronx with ex Pete Wentz is 9, her daughter Jagger with Ross is 3), reflected on the infamous lip-syncing mishap during a recent interview with PEOPLE.

“I was such a young girl, and the world can be a cruel place,” she says of the subsequent backlash. “But I learned at that time in my life to believe in my work and in my album and to get up and keep fighting and carrying on.”

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Continues Simpson, who went on to release two more albums with hit songs, “I had amazing fans that stood by me. And I learned to be strong and stand up for yourself.”

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