Ashanti Reveals How Ja Rule Is Doing Post Fyre Festival Fiasco – 'It Was Not [His] Fault'

Ashanti says her chemistry with Ja Rule is "super can't buy that"

Ashanti and Ja Rule are happy to be sharing the stage, yet again, on three-month nationwide tour.

The 37-year-old songstress popped by the PEOPLE Now studio to discuss her new song “Say Less” when she opened up about maintaining her close bond with the rapper.

“We could literally not speak or see each other for weeks,” she says. “Even the day of the show, we get on stage [and] it feels and looks like we’ve been hanging out for months.”

“[Our] chemistry is super organic, and you can’t buy that, [so] that’s what I love,” the “Foolish” singer adds.

Through thick and thin, Ashanti sticks by Ja Rule’s side, and that was especially true this past April when so-called lavish music festival Fyre Festival — the rapper was one of many organizers — in the Bahamas descended into disaster before it had even begun.

“He’s doing good,” she says about Ja Rule’s state of mind since the fiasco, as he took to Twitter immediately after the disaster to apologize and reveal he felt “heartbroken” by the way the event unfolded. “I just feel like the idea was amazing.”

“When he was talking to me about it he was so excited,” she continues. “We were doing the Hamilton thing and we had that record out, and the momentum was just awesome. It just didn’t work out, and I don’t think it was his fault. There were other people underneath that were doing things, but he’s back at it. He has a bunch of ideas coming.”

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While Ashanti’s love for Ja Rule has not changed over the years, one thing that has been modified is her style.

“I think it’s just about bringing your true self to your fashion and to your clothes, and having it be believable,” she says. “I did the little Pocahontas headbands and the long hair, but it’s just about switching it up and staying current.”

But there’s “just one thing that stands out” immediately when it comes to her biggest fashion fail.

“I will never live down the moment [I wore] a leather top, and it had like these little strings on it, but it didn’t really translate well on camera and it looked like a bunch of hair,” she says. “I’m just like, ‘No, that wasn’t me … that’s the top!'”

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