A$AP Rocky Reveals the One 'Hilarious' Aspect to His Arrest: 'Old Folks Know Who A$AP Rocky Is Now'

"It's hilarious. Old folks be like, 'That A$AP Rocky kid ain't too bad, huh?'" the rapper joked

A$AP Rocky has found a silver lining in regards to last year’s Swedish legal problems.

In the cover story for WSJ. Magazine‘s March Men’s Style issue, the 31-year-old rapper joked that despite the seriousness of the situation, there was one aspect of last summer’s events that he found amusing.

“All these old folks know who A$AP Rocky is now,” he told the outlet. “It’s hilarious. Old folks be like, ‘That A$AP Rocky kid ain’t too bad, huh?’”

A$AP Rocky
Juergen Teller for WSJ. Magazine

Rocky, né Rakim Mayers, was taken into custody in Stockholm, Sweden on July 2, following a street altercation involving a 19-year-old male. After being charged with assault — to which he pleaded not guilty — he was released from detention on Aug. 2 before being convicted by the Stockholm District Court on Aug. 14.

Though the star joked about his newfound recognition among the elderly, Rocky also got candid about his time in detention.

“When I first got there, the guards treated me like s—,” he recalled. “You had crazy people yelling, echoing, screaming in the middle of the night.”

A$AP Rocky
Juergen Teller for WSJ. Magazine

Rocky was eventually placed in relatively nicer quarters but he couldn’t help but notice a pattern when it came to the treatment of non-white detainees.

“They want to bore you to death,” he said. “There’d be one chance to talk to the other inmates, for like 30 minutes, up on the roof in the morning. They’d tell me what was going on with my case, because I could see my face on TV in my cell but I don’t understand Swedish. It was f—ed, man. I had worldwide coverage, and it still took me a month! People in there were telling me, ‘I haven’t spoken to my mother in a year. I haven’t seen a judge.’ And it was only black and brown people.”

Following his August release, Rocky has been working on his forthcoming album and he’s even decorated his New York apartment with inspirational photos.

“It’s kind of like a vision board,” he explained. “I compile different points of reference and print ’em out and put them on the walls, so I live in it. It’s like when you go to a police precinct and the detectives have the investigation laid out.”

A$AP Rocky
Juergen Teller for WSJ. Magazine

As for what’s hanging on his walls, “Mostly pictures of myself,” he admitted. “You gotta analyze who you are as an artist and know yourself better than anybody. Then people can never dictate s— to you. I’m so fascinated with everything I do, and so passionate, that it comes across a little comical if you’re the type of person who isn’t passionate about anything.”

Rocky also revealed that he dabbles in drugs like mushrooms and LSD in efforts to get in tune with his spirituality.

“It’s all about mushrooms and LSD,” he said. “When you have a good trip, you feel more enlightened and have an understanding for self and other people. It’s less about tripping balls and more about some spiritual third-eye s—.”

For example: “I was here in this room one time, doing LSD, and as I was coming down the sun was coming up, and the birds started singing and we recorded the f—ing birds. They weren’t tweeting, they were harmonizing and holding notes! And I was, like, communicating with them, because music is universal.”

WSJ. Magazine’s March Men’s Style Issue is out on newsstands March 8.

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