Ariana Grande Perches on Pete Davidson's Lap in Cute and Cuddly Return to Social Media

Ariana Grande returned to Instagram on Sunday to share a photo of herself sitting on fiancé Pete Davidson's lap with a heart and ring emoji as the caption

Ariana Grande decided to pop back onto Instagram on Sunday to share not one but two new photos after taking a week-long “breather” to focus on positivity, music and her man, Pete Davidson.

“Pretty little body it look betta on you,” Grande, 25, captioned the first black and white sideways selfie, while the second image shows her sitting on the Saturday Night Live comedian’s lap with a heart and ring emoji as the caption.

On May 21, PEOPLE confirmed that the Grammy nominee and comedian, 24, had recently started casually dating. Then, just weeks later on June 11, PEOPLE discovered they had gotten engaged after Davidson popped the question with a massive 3-carat diamond ring.

Since taking their romance public this summer, the young couple has moved in together in N.Y.C. and flaunted their love on various dates around the city. All the while, they’ve weathered backlash from trolls online.

Seemingly in response to the negativity, Davidson deleted all of his Instagram photos on July 23 as Grande disabled her comments on the app, before revealing her decision to take a complete cleanse.

“Yeh! I’m prolly gonna post on der for a little while & take a breather from twitter & ig for a little. Just sometimes can’t help but bump into some negative s—t that really can bum u out and it’s not worth it honestly. Promised I’d always tell you. I love u sm! Be well & happy,” she Tweeted just one week ago in response to a Twitter user, who praised her return to Snapchat.

Davidson also leveled with fans last week about his own decision to take a social media break. “No there’s nothing wrong. No nothing happened. No there’s nothing cryptic about anything. I just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore. Or on any social media platform,” he clarified in an Instagram Story. “The internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make me feel good. Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is f—ing lit.”

Last Tuesday, a Grande insider told PEOPLE “she doesn’t want drama,” adding: “They’re just tired of being attacked. They don’t get why there’s backlash when it’s supposed to be a really happy time for them. Pete especially has been getting a lot of hate from fans. It’s been hurtful, and he’s actually pretty sensitive.”

But Grande couldn’t resist making a brief comeback to the app. “I love and miss u too! Been rehearsing and working and staying present, but also missing and thinking of u all,” she Tweeted to a fan on Monday.

And to make up for lost time, the “No Tears Left To Cry” singer decided to open up the floor to questions.

One fan inquired why Grande changed the name of her interlude song on her upcoming album Sweetener from “Pete” to “Pete Davidson.” The answer, predictably, was love.

“I like the way it looks I love his name and I love him music lasts forever,” she responded to the Twitter user. “It’ll outlive any tattoo, any memory, any anything, even myself so I want my love for him and how I feel to be a part of that.”

Davidson may have already outlived one tattoo — his inking of Grande’s trademark bunny mask seemed to have gone missing in a new photo posted on TMZ.

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