16 Throwback Music Videos That Understood Your Angst Like Nothing Else

In celebration of the release of the new Paramore album, After Laughter, we're paying homage to the beloved music videos that perfectly captured our 2000s angst

No Doubt In Concert - Universal City, California

In celebration of today’s release of the new Paramore album, After Laughter, we’re paying homage to the beloved music videos that perfectly captured our 2000s angst and went down as legends.

Prepare to bask in the dejection:

Paramore: “Misery Business”

We could never look as good as Hayley Williams with fiery red hair, but we sure could try.

My Chemical Romance: “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”

We lived for the band’s misfit antics in their movie trailer-inspired masterpiece. But what did Gerard Way just want to do?! The suspense haunts us to this day.

Taking Back Sunday: “Cute Without the E” (Cut From the Team)

That overgrown, sight-impeding hair is downright iconic. Also, please take time out of your day to re-watch Flavor Flav in their video for “You’re So Last Summer.”

The Used: “I’ll That I’ve Got”

The Used gave us the dark storybook mini-movie we never knew we needed, and possibly some nightmares.

Fall Out Boy: “Sugar We’re Goin Down”

Who knew antlers could so perfectly express our adolescent feelings of freakishness?

Hawthorne Heights: “Ohio Is For Lovers”

Spiders, shadows and lyrics so angsty they immediately give us the urge to paint our nails black and spend some quality time with our journal.

Brand New: “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”

Every emo band worth its black salt has at least one video in which someone is seriously injured or killed.

Simple Plan: “Welcome To My Life”

Yes, Pierre Bouvier, you rock them wrist bands.

Panic! At the Disco: “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”

Every single wedding we’ve gone to since watching this has been a crushing disappointment. The world needs more circus folk!

Senses Fail: “Calling All Cars”

Yet more proof that the mid-aughts was a great time for groups of girls beating on dudes in music videos.

Good Charlotte: “The Anthem”

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz — who would have thought?

Coheed and Cambria: “Welcome Home”

A delicious assortment of dark imagery that almost makes us believe we’ll sign up for those guitar lessons some day.

Blink-182: “I Miss You”

Blink’s ghostly video did the near-impossible task of making us love their ode to heartache even more.

All Time Low: “Dear Maria, Count Me In”

They may have been on the light-hearted side, but All Time Low and their shaggy haircuts worked their ways into our black hearts.

Dashboard Confessional: “Hands Down”

For reasons we cannot even begin to fathom, the official video for “Hands Down” appears to have been wiped form the Internet. You’ll just have to picture Chris Carrabba belting it out as you listen to this fan-made lyric video.

AFI: “Miss Murder”

The best use of bunnies in a music video ever, really.

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