The 33-year-old "Honey, I'm Good" singer recently made headlines for his decision to abstain from sex until after marriage

Andy Grammer saved himself for marriage, but now he’s all about the Netflix and chill.

The “Fresh Eyes” singer, 33, popped by the PEOPLE Now studio, where he discussed the reaction surrounding his decision to abstain from sex until after he married wife Aijia in 2012.

“I wasn’t planning on doing it,” Grammar tells PEOPLE about his decision to speak out about waiting until marriage. “I forget what the question was—they just threw it my way and I just spoke the truth.”

“That was the first time I said something and then it was like all over all the headlines. I was like ‘Wow, totally not what I was trying to do,'” he continues.

The singer made the personal revelation on The Talk last August. “For each person, they live their life and their truth and how it works for them, and that’s just kind of how it works for me,” says Grammer. “I’m not good at doing whatever the other way is—it wouldn’t work for me.”

Nowadays, Grammer and his wife spend their days “Netflix and chilling”—with an emphasis on the “chilling.”

“Just like so much chilling,” Grammer laughs. “Yeah, quite a bit of chilling.”