Andrea Bocelli to Duet with 'America's Got Talent' Singer Jackie Evancho at Donald Trump's Inauguration: Report

PLUS: Jackie Evancho gushes about singing the national anthem at Donald Trump's inauguration

Donald Trump‘s team has reportedly tapped Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli to perform alongside America’s Got Talent star Jackie Evancho on Inauguration Day.

Bocelli, 58, will apparently sing at least one song with the 16-year-old star. It is unclear whether he will perform a solo, according to TMZ, which first reported the news. A rep for Bocelli did not return requests for comment or confirmation.

Evancho announced that she would sing the national anthem at Trump’s inauguration during a Wednesday appearance on the Today show. Now, the singer is talking about the news to PEOPLE.

“I performed for Trump in the past and my manager was like, ‘Wow! It would be great for [you] to sing at the inauguration,’ ” she recalls. “And so he had a meeting with Trump’s people and I guess it happened.”

Evancho rose to famed in 2010 when she came in second place on the competition series. She met President-elect Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate shortly after her win, and the pair posed for a photo.

She says she’s most excited to sing in front of the large audience.

“What I’m mainly excited about is the audience,” she says. “I feel like it’s gonna be a big audience and I love big audiences.”

The Inauguration Day performance won’t be the first time the teenager has flaunted her talents for a president. She sang “O Holy Night” at the National Christmas Tree Lighting hosted by President Barack Obama in 2010. In 2012, she performed for Obama again at the National Prayer Breakfast.

“I remember that I got a loud applause and that everyone was really impressed,” she tells PEOPLE of the performances. “So, I’m hoping the same thing happens.”

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