Andrea Bocelli Says the Secret to His 16-Year Relationship with His Wife Is 'In the Bedroom'!

"If the bedroom door opens the world to something beautiful and interesting, then love will last," Bocelli tells PEOPLE

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Andrea Bocelli is opening up his longtime relationship with wife Veronica Berti.

In the new issue of PEOPLE, the Italian tenor shares the secret to their happy marriage.

“My theory is chemistry,” Bocelli, 60, says (through an English translator) of Berti, 34, whom he married in 2014 after dating for 12 years.

“If there’s chemistry between two people, then there is poetry, there is harmony, there is mutual understanding — there is love; if not, nothing,” adds Bocelli, who just released , his first album of original songs in 14 years.

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“If the bedroom door opens the world to something beautiful and interesting, then love will last. If the bedroom door opens onto something that’s boring or uninteresting, it won’t last,” Bocelli adds.

For more on Andrea Bocelli, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands everywhere Friday.

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As for what makes the icon happiest?

“I think happiness can be dangerous, so I opt more for serenity. So for me, serenity, or my form of happiness, is a lit fireplace, a glass of wine, a good friend to talk to… and my wife waiting for me in the bedroom!” Bocelli says with a laugh.

The Grammy-nominated performer has a lot to be happy about at home, as well.

He and Berti share 6-year-old daughter Virginia, and Bocelli also has two sons from his first marriage: 23-year-old Amos and Matteo, 21, with whom he duets on the new track "Fall on Me."

“It’s a huge gift of God,” says Bocelli. “I received well beyond my expectations. It’s important to live every moment.”

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